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ABA TECHSHOW brings together the best and brightest in legal technology to educate lawyers and legal professionals on the latest advancements that will improve the way they manage their practice. There’s plenty to learn, see and do at the conference, so we created this guide to help you make the most out of your experience at ABA TECHSHOW this year.

ABA TECHSHOW 2023 Schedule Highlights

Before we get into how to plan your time at ABA TECHSHOW, here are a few highlights from the schedule you won’t want to miss at the conference: 

  • Attend the “Start-Up Pitch Competition” hosted by Bob Amborgi: To kick off the first evening at ABA TECHSHOW, LawSites Blog author and lawyer, Bob Ambrogi, will host the seventh annual competition featuring 15 nominated legal tech startups. 
  • Start your mornings with engaging keynote speaker sessions: There will be a panel on day two around the future of legal technology with leading innovators in the space. On day three, an expert panel will have a timely discussion on the Rules of Professional Conduct and how it impacts the delivery of legal services in each state.
  • Break up your day at the Vendor Expo Hall: Between education sessions, be sure to visit the vendor expo to engage with various legal technology innovators. Visit PracticePanther at booth #608 to explore the software on interactive touchscreens and take advantage of our official ABA TECHSHOW step-and-repeat, complimentary headshots, coffee, and more! 
  • Have a laugh at the 60 in 60 event: The fast-paced session is back again combining the best of “60 Sites,” “60 Tips,” and “Gadgets and Gizmos.” Pro Tip: Attend the pre-60 in 60 refreshment break to network and catch up with colleagues before the entertainment.

Preparing for ABA TECHSHOW

Preparing to attend ABA TECHSHOW can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. You’re excited to see what new legal technology is available, learn from industry experts, and expand your network — we get it! That’s why it’s essential to create a game plan prior to arriving at ABA TECHSHOW.

First, decide what you want to get out of the conference. A good place to start is to identify any areas of improvement in your business practices or an aspect where you want to broaden your knowledge. This can include legal billing and law firm finances, law firm marketing, or simply understanding how law practice management software can support the efficiency of your firm. 

Then, check the ABA TECHSHOW schedule of events and education tracks (we’ll get into those next) to decide what sessions align with your goals. 

Pro tip: Be sure to download the ABA TECHSHOW app once it’s available to schedule events, set reminders, and connect with other attendees. 

Choosing an Education Track for ABA TECHSHOW

ABA TECHSHOW offers several education tracks to structure your time at the conference. Each session is led by legal industry leaders, influencers, vendors, and other legal professional experts. ABA TECHSHOW designs its education tracks around core and forward-looking topics that will help legal professionals envision the future of legal.

No matter the stage in your legal career, each education track covers timely concepts and engages attendees in lucrative conversations surrounding legal technology. 

Here are quick summaries of each education track: 

  • Financial Management: A looming recession can leave law firms uncertain about how to effectively manage their finances. This session aims to support law firms in growing their practice and increasing profitability through the adoption of legal billing software, alternative business pricing models, incorporating cryptocurrencies and NTFs, and more.
  • Marketing: An effective law firm marketing strategy is essential to remain competitive and visible in the legal space. In this session, gain the knowledge to communicate the value of your firm’s legal services and convert more leads through effective (and ethical) legal marketing strategies. 
  • Core Concepts: The basics aren’t so basic anymore. In this session, understand the technical competencies needed to maximize the processes and software firms use to manage their day-to-day. Explore updates within Word and PDF, PC, and Mac efficiency hacks, time management tips, and more. 
  • Operations: Rigid and improper systems can stunt a law firm’s ability to scale, no matter how many clients or cases the firm wins. This session explores how to leverage legal technology to implement processes that flourish sustained law firm growth and profitability. 
  • Futures: The intersection of legal and technology brings great benefits and some gray areas. This session explores the legal challenges and opportunities that come with legal technology advancements, like the metaverse. Should there be a uniform standard for technology? How can technology improve access and usability for clients with disabilities? Are NFTs and Web3 intellectual property? These questions and more are answered in this track. 
  • Client Experience: The client experience is a journey that goes well beyond first impressions during the lead generation process. In this session, learn how to intentionally craft a client experience that turns them into ambassadors for your firm. From intake to onboarding, gain the tools to boost overall client satisfaction, and attorney-client transparency, and distinguish your firm from competitors. 
  • Transactional: Legal technology for transactional law practices is more than just a nice to have — it’s a core function that can make or break your business operations. In this session, engage in interactive workshops and presentations on transactional tech stack, legal ops, technology-assisted review (TAR), legal document management automation, and more. 

Visit PracticePanther at the ABA TECHSHOW Expo

Once you’ve learned about the endless possibilities legal technology can offer your firm, it’s time to experience it hands-on. There will be several vendors at the expo, so be sure to explore but also keep in mind what your firm needs. From law practice management software to legal billing software — there will be several types of law firm software your firm can test.

PracticePanther will be at booth #608 where our friendly team members will answer all of your questions and showcase why tens of thousands of law firms chose our all-in-one software to support their firm’s growth. 

Our booth will have touchscreen monitors so you can experience an interactive demo of the PracticePanther platform and see our industry-leading features live. Interested in seeing how to build an automated workflow or how to create custom Tags? We’ll have it all on display for you to experiment and explore. 

It doesn’t stop there. The PracticePanther booth will also have complimentary coffee and professional headshots, exclusive giveaways, and promotions. 

Pro Tip: We look forward to meeting you in March, but if you can’t wait until then, you can schedule a demo now to see the amazing features PracticePanther has to grow your business!

Get Ready for ABA TECHSHOW 2023

We hope this guide has prepared you for what to expect at ABA TECHSHOW. Our biggest insider tip is to explore and keep an open mind while at the conference. It’s an exciting time in the legal industry with continued advancements in legal technology and unprecedented opportunities for law firms to restructure and scale their business like never before.  

As we ramp up for ABA TECHSHOW 2023, be sure to follow PracticePanther on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to follow our journey to ABA TECHSHOW, helpful tips, and real-time updates during the conference. 

To secure your spot for a demo of PracticePanther in advance and receive an exclusive discount, you can schedule time with our team. If you’re not already signed up to attend ABA TECHSHOW, you can register, here.

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