PracticePanther is a Platinum sponsor of ABA TECHSHOW 2024.

The ABA TECHSHOW is where lawyers, legal professionals, and technology intersect. It draws industry leaders to Chicago to help educate attendees on how to better manage law practices and boost firm productivity.

Are you ready for an exciting week of legal tech?

With so much knowledge and information being shared prior to the event, it can be hard to sort through. To navigate the three days, we’ve compiled a list of schedule highlights, tips for attending the conference, and how to get the most out of this year’s ABA TECHSHOW so when you arrive, you can jump right in.

ABA TECHSHOW 2024 Schedule Highlights

Before we discuss planning your time, let’s talk about some of the conference highlights you won’t want to miss. Plus, some nontraditional activities to help you meet new people and stay active while away:

  • Attend the ABA TECHSHOW’s 8th annual Start-Up Pitch Competition hosted by Bob Ambrogi and Stephen Embry.
    The competition will have 15 innovative legal startups facing off — judged by attendees like yourself — for the title of most innovative startup for the year.
  • Begin the day with a keynote presentation or panel discussion.
    The keynote presentation by Stuart I. Teicher, Esq. will kick off the second full day of ABA TECHSHOW, followed by panel discussions covering topics like AI in the legal industry, subscription-based legal services, the future of multi-jurisdictional rules, and others. Panels occur throughout the day, so be sure to check the schedule for the ones you want to hear most.
  • Explore the Vendor Expo Hall and get a free professional headshot.
    With the enormous amount of speaker sessions available, take a lap around the Vendor Expo Hall to break up the day. Head over to PracticePanther in booth #610 and chat with some of our experts. Plus, you can get a free professional headshot to update your LinkedIn profile, law firm website, or holiday card (we’re only slightly kidding).
  • Keep up with the fastest session at ABA TECHSHOW: 60 in 60.
    The 60 in 60 session is a combination of the best of “60 Sites,” “60 Tips,” and “Gadgets and Gizmos” into a single, fast-paced hour of discussion. This ABA TECHSHOW staple will be an hour of the latest in apps, work hacks, new tech, and more.
  • Start the day early by getting your blood pumping — and we aren’t talking about lively discussion on the ethics of AI.
    While legal tech is the main driver of activities of the ABA TECHSHOW, there’s morning yoga on Thursday the 15th, and the 7th Annual TECHSHOW 5K bright and early (7 a.m.) on Friday the 16th.

Preparing for ABA TECHSHOW

There’s a lot to see, even more to do, and plenty of people to meet to expand your network. This makes creating a game plan before you go essential for a successful trip.

First things first, decide what you want to get out of the conference. What’s your goal? If you’re unsure, take a look at any areas of improvement in your business practice or an area you want to learn more about. This can be law firm marketing, law firm financial management, local SEO for law firms, or even choosing a legal practice management software.

Once you have your goals in mind, check out the ABA TECHSHOW schedule. There are sessions on everything from using LinkedIn as a lawyer, legal podcasting with AI, implementing subscription-based legal services, and much more.

PRO TIP: Download the ABA TECHSHOW app once it’s available (it’ll be on this page) to schedule events, reminders, and connect with other attendees.

See How PracticePanther Transforms Law Practice Management at the ABA TECHSHOW 

Once you’ve made some progress towards your goals, it’s time to explore! There will be several vendors at the expo, so be sure to take a lap or two around to see what they have to offer. While browsing, keep what your law firm needs in mind.

From law firm case management software to legal billing systems — there will be several types of legal software you can test.

PracticePanther will be at booth #610, where our friendly team members can answer all of your questions and showcase why tens of thousands of law firms chose our all-in-one software to support their firm’s growth.

At our booth, you can experience a live custom demo of the PracticePanther platform and see how our industry-leading features can boost your law firm’s efficiency and maximize growth in 2024 and beyond. Interested in seeing how to build an automated workflow or use the client portal, or even how to create Custom Tags? We’ll have it all on display for you to experiment and explore.

Our booth will also have complimentary coffee, exciting giveaways, exclusive ABA TECHSHOW promotions, and more. That’s not all, though. We’re also offering free professional headshots at booth 628. You can update your LinkedIn profile, law firm website, or author bio after the conference. Be sure to stop by and visit us so you don’t miss out!

Pro Tip: We look forward to meeting you in February, but if you can’t wait until then, you can schedule a demo now to see the amazing features PracticePanther has to grow your business!

Get Ready for ABA TECHSHOW 2024

We’ve covered a lot. Hopefully, this guide has prepared you for what to expect at ABA TECHSHOW 2024.

Our biggest piece of advice is to explore as much as you can and keep an open mind while attending the conference. It’s a unique opportunity to be in the center of the industry with all of the legal tech advancements happening in rapid succession.

As we ramp up for ABA TECHSHOW 2024, be sure to follow PracticePanther on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to follow our journey to ABA TECHSHOW, helpful tips, and real-time updates during the conference.

If you want to learn more about ABA TECHSHOW or want to chat with PracticePanther experts in advance, you can schedule time for a PracticePanther demo with our team. If you’re not already signed up to attend ABA TECHSHOW, you can register here.

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