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Store and manage all your documents and files in one place, securely with PracticePanther. Send documents for eSignature, auto-fill client information, and create custom templates to save time on your law firm’s legal documentation and document management process.

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Centralize your legal documents 


Enjoy hassle-free legal document filing and organization in one place. Access legal documents and files whenever you need them wherever you are, and link documents to contacts or matters.

A centralized law firm document management software for document filing

Eliminate the stress of sorting through outdated paperwork with our centralized legal document management software. PracticePanther makes it easy to stay organized and stay on top of your documents. Law firms can also upload legal files to the Client Portal so clients can easily access them securely on their own time.


Legal file management software that allows you to access your files and legal documents from anywhere

Need a document on the go? PracticePanther stores your legal documents in the cloud meaning you can review, edit and send them from your laptop or mobile device.


Organize legal documents with custom Tags

Spend less time hunting down documents or files when you store them at the Contact and Matter level. Use custom Tags to easily track and filter your law firm’s legal documents across your PracticePanther account.

Legal documentation software with robust eSignature built in to further streamline your process


Simplify the process of requesting, storing, and collecting eSignatures for your legal documents. Stay informed about the status of each eSignature, enabling you to track and streamline your case progress effectively.

Legal document management software meant to help you collect eSignatures in just seconds

Send documents for electronic signature requests with PracticePanther’s native eSignature software via email, text, or the client portal. Save time waiting for wet signatures and quickly get started on client cases.


Full legal document management in one place

Safely send and store electronically signed legal documents in PracticePanther without the need to purchase third-party solutions. Save time hunting down documents — maintain one source of truth for your firm’s legal filing and document management process.


Bulk send legal documents for electronic signature and track their status

Securely send new client documents for electronic signature to speed up the onboarding process. Track document status and receive notifications when signatures are captured. Need to send more than one document? Easily batch-create documents for eSignature and send them in bulk.

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Legal document management software that seamlessly integrates with your favorite apps 


Manage your documents using familiar processes while monitoring edit changes and securely sharing legal documents, all in a single, streamlined platform.

Go paperless with legal documentation software

Easily access important legal documents to PracticePanther through integrations with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Save time navigating between platforms by keeping it all accessible in PracticePanther.


Collaborate in real-time with legal documentation software

Use PracticePanther’s legal document management software to easily track and sync any changes to your stored documents. Whether you work in a small or large firm, you can view its version history and monitor who made the last changes to the document.


Seamless legal document sharing and file management

Easily share your documents with clients and colleagues from anywhere with our cloud-based legal document management software. Access documents in a Contact or Matter and upload documents to the client portal.

Automate legal document creation with custom templates 


Experience the convenience of auto-populating your firm’s information and client data, eliminating repetitive data entry needs. Stay organized and efficient with customizable templates tailored to your specific needs, ensuring seamless document creation without hassle of redundant input.

PracticePanther dashboard showing document templates

Save time with automated document templates

Upload custom templates to quickly generate the legal documents your firm frequently uses. Auto-fill your firm’s information and client data to speed up your legal document management and filing process.


Sync client data to legal documents seamlessly with our software for legal documents

Autopopulate client data into legal documents that get captured and stored in your PracticePanther account. Save time by eliminating manual entry and reduce the risk of human error.


Incorporate document completion in your workflows

Streamline your workflows by assigning conditional tasks and setting specific due dates. Track the progress of your legal documents on an intuitive dashboard, with statuses including incomplete, completed, in progress, and overdue. With PracticePanther’s legal document management software, you can relax knowing your workflows are working for you, not the other way around.

Game-changing modern collaboration

As the world rapidly changes into a digitalized one, don’t lose your competitive advantage with outdated collaboration processes. Create, edit, approve, archive, and manage documents in real-time with all the key players — colleagues and clients alike. 

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Kathleen Day-Seiter
Owner, Law Office of Kathleen Day-Seiter
It's like having a full-time employee at a fraction of the cost.

I couldn’t run my law firm without PracticePanther. The software is easy to use, the PracticePanther support is excellent, and the company is always rolling out new features!

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