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Frustrated with juggling multiple cases with competing deadlines? PracticePanther seamlessly links time entries, documents, billing, calendar events, and tasks to your Contacts and Matters so you can manage your practice with ease.

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PracticePanther’s legal case management software features


Managing your legal cases shouldn’t feel like a balancing act. With PracticePanther on your side, you can get a holistic view of your firm’s cases and client information on one intuitive dashboard. The cloud-based law practice management platform can be accessed wherever you go from a computer or your mobile device. Enhance your productivity and reduce redundant tasks so you can focus on what matters most — the law.

Access detailed case information from anywhere

In the office or on the road, PracticePanther gives you access to case details via your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop. PracticePanther’s cloud-based software allows you to securely access email correspondence, meeting note, or invoices securely on the go.  


Seamlessly integrate case information from software partners

Our legal case management platform can do everything your firm needs natively, but we understand the need for flexibility. We integrate with your current systems like Google, Outlook and others so you never lose a legal document, case detail, or any other crucial piece of information.


Reduce administrative tasks by 8 hours a week 

Get more done in less time, without risking human error, by automating repeat tasks like billing, time tracking, legal document management, and so much more. Did we mention you never have to leave the platform?

Seamlessly manage contacts, cases, and data in one place

Did you know most law firms misplace 50% of their data as a result of missing emails, paper files, and desktop folders? Stick with our case management software and you will never lose a Contact or Matter detail again with the help of our Custom Reporting and Tag features. Every detail is tracked and accounted for, in one place — always. 


Track the status of a case in real-time

Use PracticePanther’s history logs to see what was changed, who made the change, and when. From new payments or time entries, track every case detail as it happens so everyone at your firm is on the same page.


Enhance communications across your firm

Use PracticePanther’s legal case management software as your firm’s centralized communication hub. Communicate with staff and clients through chats, notes, business text messaging, and client portals in one secure place. You can even set specific roles and permissions, ensuring sensitive data can only be seen by those that need it.

Legal document management, simplified

Hunting down files can waste precious billable time. That’s why our software gives you the capability to link and store documents right in your PracticePanther account. Already using a document management system you love? Easily integrate PracticePanther with Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and more. 


Track legal documents at the Contact & Matter level

Need a specific document associated with a specific case? Simply tag the document to its matching legal case and easily access it at Contact or Matter level.


Securely share documents with clients and staff 

Your legal documents can be securely sent via the client portal, through our built-in texting feature, or through encrypted email right from PracticePanther. Need to send a document for eSignature? We do that too. Securely send an unlimited amount of documents for speedy digital signing.

A snapshot view of client billing

On the go and need quick information on client billing? Get a snapshot of the current trust account balance, open and paid invoices, and billable dollar amounts associated with a Contact or Matter on a digestible dashboard. 


Easily track payment activity for any case

Use custom filters and Tags to generate detailed business insights. Track time entries, online payments, invoices, billable time or flat fees right within a Contact or Matter. 


Set a custom rate on a case-by-case basis

Set flat fees, contingency, or hourly rates. Apply your custom billing terms in a few clicks based on a specific Matter, user, or  role or set them to a defaulted rate across your firm.

PracticePanther dashboard showing new client intake forms

Standardize your legal cases with workflows

Put your repeat tasks on autopilot with our automated workflows. Streamline common processes like onboarding a new client, processing a payment, and more. Apply our one-click templates and watch as the tasks and events get automatically created for you.


Automatically populate client information from custom intake forms

Collect client information with PracticePanther’s custom Intake Forms and automatically sync their information to a Contact to start the intake process. 


Organize cases on your terms

Customize workflows based on case type or cases your firm handles often. Set custom Tags, and billing rates, add notes, create checklists, and everything in between on any case.

Data-driven insights to grow your firm

Our innovative custom Tag capabilities let you create customized filters to uncover insights on specific types of case data. Whether you need detailed data on work allocation, the percentage of net new clients, firm marketing spend or quarterly revenue performance — our custom Tags can be configured to give your firm endless reporting and tracking insights.

PracticePanther dashboard showing payments with tag filters

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