Industry-leading legal security and data encryption with PracticePanther’s military-grade technology

Protect your firm’s data and client information with PracticePanther’s industry-leading legal security software. Assign role-based permissions, track version history, and operate in compliance with legal-specific regulations for storing information.

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Leading law firm cybersecurity to safeguard your firm


Elevate your law firm’s cybersecurity with our state-of-the-art legal security technology, meticulously designed to safeguard your sensitive data. No matter where you are, you can easily access PracticePanther without worrying about leaking any confidential information.

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Powered by the best legal security technology 

Prevent data leaks and protect your confidential files with PracticePanther’s secure legal software. Compliant with HIPAA standards and powered by — you can trust that your sensitive information will remain secure and protected at all times.


Leverage the cloud to access data from secure locations 

Don’t take any chances with the confidentiality of your documents. PracticePanther offers the ability to enable access to specific IP addresses, allowing you to choose where you or your staff can view confidential files.


Keep your data secure with 256-bit military-grade encryption

As soon as you log in to your PracticePanther account, you can rest assured that your data is being transmitted using an encrypted connection — making it virtually impossible for unauthorized parties to access it.

Easily set user roles and permissions with advanced law firm cybersecurity 


Take complete control of your firm’s security with our robust law firm cybersecurity features, enabling you to set role-based and IP address permissions, control version history, and tailor access to information within PracticePanther.

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Manage your billing in PCI compliance

Use PantherPayments to process online payments from clients securely. Get paid 70% faster while ensuring every payment adheres to PCI compliance regulations.


Create role-based and IP address permissions

Assign specific access levels based on your firm’s employee roles. Easily configure permissions by feature, and the ability to create, view, edit, or delete information. Create permissions at the IP address level for an added layer of protection. 


Control version history 

Alterations to documents, client data, case information, and more are logged with a time and date stamp along with who made the change.

Two-factor authentication wherever you are

We understand that sometimes it’s necessary to log in from a new device, but we also prioritize the security of your firm’s confidential information. That’s why we make it easy to enable an extra layer of protection through two-factor authentication. When someone logs in from an unknown device, along with their standard password, they must provide a security code sent to their phone. 

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Work confidently with auto-save from Microsoft Azure

Random power outage before hitting save? Experience unmatched legal data security and backup your data with PracticePanther and Microsoft Azure’s Geo-Redundant Servers. Microsoft Azure ensures your data is always safe and backed up in more than one location.

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Kathleen Day-Seiter
Owner, Law Office of Kathleen Day-Seiter
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I couldn’t run my law firm without PracticePanther. The software is easy to use, the PracticePanther support is excellent, and the company is always rolling out new features!

Carmina K. Hirsch, Esq.
Attorney, The Law Offices of Hirsch Legal, LLC
I can access PracticePanther anywhere.

PracticePanther has revolutionized my practice, saving me time with its user-friendly case management & invoicing system. I can access it anywhere!