Don’t leave your law firm’s data security up to chance.

PracticePanther has a simple solution to organizing and managing your legal documents.

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Just as safe as your online bank

All information is secured through a 256-bit military grade encryption. As soon as you log in, data is transmitted using an encrypted connection and boom – even Jason Bourne couldn’t get in.


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Powered by the best

Avoid data leaks through a HIPAA compliant secure legal software. We partner with to ensure your confidential files stay that way.

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Access from secure locations

Enable only specific IP addresses, like your office, to access sensitive information. This way your classified files can’t be exposed to public WiFi at a coffee shop or at the airport. You get to pick.

Two-step authentication

Sometimes you need to log in from a new device – we get it. However, we don’t let just anyone access your firm’s confidential information. When someone logs in from an unknown device, along with their standard password, they will have to provide a security code sent to their phone.

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Keep the right people in the know

Through customized security settings, you can grant (and limit) access to only certain parts of PracticePanther. For example, maybe not everyone needs to see a firm-wide financial summary.

Leave it to Microsoft Azure

Random power outage before hitting Command+Save? Thanks to our cloud partner’s geo-redundant servers, Microsoft Azure ensures your data is always safe and backed up in more than one location.

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