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Manage your firm’s legal trust accounting with confidence in PracticePanther. Operate in compliance with daily reconciliation reports, automatic trust transactions logging, and robust reporting directly in PracticePanther.

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Trust accounting software to keep you compliant 


Enjoy an easy accounting experience with our legal trust accounting software. Made to ensure you maintain compliance with IOLTA, ABA, and all 50 state bar regulations.

Industry-standard legal trust accounting compliance

Streamline your firm’s legal trust account management with PracticePanther. Confidently manage trust and operating accounts while maintaining compliance with IOLTA, ABA, and all 50 state bar regulations. 


Reconcile your trust accounts in PracticePanther

Manage your billing, collections and trust accounting directly in PracticePanther. Contacts and Matters are tied together so you never have to waste time matching transactions from third-party software. 


Maintain trust accounting compliance with custom reporting

Generate robust trust accounts reports within PracticePanther to quickly review all accounts and transactions associated with your clients.


Separate ledgers for trust and operating accounts, always

Confidently achieve trust and operating compliance with PracticePanther’s native trust accounting software. Use an intuitive dashboard to track transactions at the Contact or Matter level or by account.

Get automated alerts on trust account balances and request funds


Stay in control of your finances with our trust accounting software’s automatic notifications. Seamlessly manage your balances and confidently transfer funds from trust accounts, knowing that you’re always up-to-date.

Get automatic notifications for trust account balances

Set up automatic notifications in PracticePanther’s trust accounting software to stay on top of retainer balances. Receive an alert when trust account balances fall below your defined threshold. 


Confidently move funds in and out of trust accounts

With PracticePanther’s trust accounting software, all trust account transactions are automatically logged. Easily disburse, apply funds to invoices, and transfer trust funds to operating accounts without worrying if it was tracked. 


Quickly request and deposit client funds

Use PracticePanther’s all-in-one platform to send trust requests to clients via email, the client portal or text message. Access native payment processing to accept online payments to automatically apply payments to client trust accounts.

Access robust reports and easy three-way reconciliations with trust accounting software


Robust reporting capabilities and seamless daily three-way reconciliation, all within a single comprehensive platform. No more dealing with additional fees, subscription, and worries, as our all-inclusive trust accounting software provides everything you need to streamline financial processes. 

Robust trust accounting reporting 

PracticePanther’s trust accounting software helps your firm easily track and analyze its financial performance. Generate custom reports with detailed information on the balances and activity of your trust and operation accounts. 


Three-way reconciliations in just a few clicks

Use PracticePanther’s trust accounting software to perform daily three-way reconciliations. Accurately identify mismatched numbers and gain a holistic view of your trust accounts.


Transition to PracticePanther with popular integrations

With our QuickBooks integration, your firm can easily sync payments and invoices to PracticePanther’s user-friendly platform, making it easy to access the information you need in one place.

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