Practice-specific workflow solutions designed for legal teams

Reduce human errors and win cases with our automated workflows. Create workflow templates to standardize your firm’s responsibilities and customize the steps for each practice area of law you serve. No need to overthink, just create the process steps and go. Our software can handle the rest for you.

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Wondering what automated workflows can do for your staff?

Onboarding new clients? Creating a few wills for clients this week? Or perhaps working on another DUI case? Anticipate repeat steps before they happen and assign who’s responsible for each task so nothing falls through the cracks. Reduce errors, align with colleagues, and always be a step ahead with our customizable workflows.

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Create conditional workflows and tasks

Our conditional task feature keeps your law firm staff calm and focused. Keep staff up to speed by automatically assigning them tasks via pre-determined workflows. Once one task is completed, PracticePanther automatically assigns them a new task to keep them on track. You simply set the assignments and dates — we just make sure it happens at the right time.

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Be in the know – always

Being in a law firm, you have a lot going on both managing clients and staff, and growing your book of business. You’re probably juggling a handful of cases right now and trying to keep up with all that’s on your plate. Our automatic email and SMS text message reminders tell you what’s coming up and what’s been done. Let the workflow run on its own so you don’t have to worry about not knowing the status of any case.

Delivered straight to your inbox — a bird’s eye view of today’s tasks

We collect and organize your daily tasks broken down by practice area, contact, and matter. Save your brain power for things that really matter, we’ll keep you on the right path with no stress.

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PracticePanther Workflow

Streamline your client intake with workflows

Leverage the power of legal workflow software and streamline your client intake, so you and your staff provide a consistent client experience. Create a workflow of your firm’s ideal intake process, create each action, task, or meeting event in the workflow, and get started on cases quickly.

PracticePanther conditional workflow

Nurture your clients automatically with conditional workflows

If there’s one thing to maintain a healthy attorney-client relationship, it is most likely nurturing clients. Once your client completed the client intake process, conditional workflows will direct them to the next task automatically. Your clients will never be lost through the cracks or feel lost during the process. Our automated workflows are designed to ensure not only you and your staff are on track with all case progress, but also your clients.

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I honestly love the intuitive design and user-friendly search functions. It just makes matter management and billing an absolute breeze.

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Jacqui Jubb

Business Attorney at JL Walker Law


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