Signing documents just got a whole lot easier with Legal eSignature Software.

Eliminate the wait time and roadblocks from paper-based document signing with a quick and efficient electronic signature. Create, send, and store important legal electronic signed forms, agreements, and documents all in one centralized place. With PracticePanther, you can do all of it quickly, with no wait time.

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eSignature for Law Firms Has Never Been Easier

Lawyers are often overloaded with copious amounts of paperwork. From client contracts to case documents, it can get overwhelming to keep track of it all. Add on the headache of tracking clients down for signatures and meeting time-sensitive deadlines, you’ve got a recipe for chaos. Our built-in eSignature feature was designed to eliminate these problems and give lawyers back their valuable time. Request your free demo today to learn more!


eSignature is easy with PracticePanther

Simplify your document signing process

Remove the roadblocks from paper-based document signing with quick and efficient electronic signature. Collecting signatures has never been easier. And the best part is, you don’t have to leave PracticePanther for any step. 

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Speed up client intake 

Begin your client relationship on the right foot with swift and easy-to-use document signing — approve contracts and move your case along in minutes.

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Work more efficiently and save money with an all-in-one platform

Native eSignature in PracticePanther saves your firm from paying for additional software, scanners, paper, postage or fax machines.

eSign on multiple devices

Send and sign eSignature requests from any device 

In a world on the move, you and your clients can create and sign documents from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

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Customize your documents for a unique experience

Stand out to your clients by adding your firm’s logo and brand colors to your eSignature requests. Even include a short message to engage with your signees.

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Track all your outstanding signatures from Sent to Signed

Monitor the status of all your signature requests you send out to identify any potential hold ups in your signing process.

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