2024 Small and Midsized Law Firm Report

In today’s vibrant legal market, the definition of a successful law firm is evolving. Small and midsized law firms are witnessing an uptick in activity, yet the path to increased profitability isn’t always straightforward. However, within these complexities lie immense opportunities.

Trailblazing firms are carving new standards and harnessing innovative solutions in response to contemporary challenges. Dive into our 2024 Small & Midsized Law Firm Report for a fresh perspective on how firms skillfully manage escalating responsibilities and address evolving client expectations. With market trend analysis and data-driven insights, you’ll find yourself better positioned for a more prosperous 2024.

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Report Highlights

Talent Shortage Inspires Change

Hiring complexities prompt practices to pioneer new productivity models to bridge the gap between workload and headcount.

KPI Challenges Spark Innovation

Law firms are viewing higher workloads and declining utilization as an opportunity to improve firm processes.

Optimism Fuels Progress

Even in the face of modern challenges, law firms maintain a positive outlook, fueled by innovative solutions for a prosperous 2024.

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