PantherPayments: The built-in ePayment processor

PantherPayments helps law firms modernize their collections with the compliant online payment processor that gets them paid 70% faster. Collect payments from anywhere ensuring a seamless payment experience for clients that’s secure and boost collection rates at your firm.

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PracticePanther Legal Billing Software

Built-in online ePayment processing for your law firm


Offer clients to pay via credit card, eCheck, or ACH via PantherPayments, PracticePanther’s built-in online payment processor for law firms. Get access to industry-low transaction rates and eliminate the need for third-party subscriptions. Experience the unbeatable advantage of a streamlined online payment process.

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Get paid faster and reduce accounts receivable with PantherPayments

Don’t make your clients set up an additional account with a third-party payment processor to pay their bills. With PantherPayments, it only takes 10 seconds and 3 clicks to securely complete their payment through custom payment links via email, your website, client portal, or SMS text message. 


Access industry-low, transparent pricing

ePayment software without a hitch. Easily enable PantherPayments right from your PracticePanther account to take advantage of $0 monthly costs and the lowest transaction fees in the industry. 


Keep your legal billing and payments in one place

By managing your firm’s billing and collections on one platform, you can easily track and attribute payments to the proper client. Without the need for costly third parties, your firm will save time and money. 


Reduce large upfront costs with payment plans

Use PantherPayments ePayment software to create custom payment plans for your clients. Set specific payment amounts, and due dates and send automatic reminders when their payments are coming due.

Fully compliant and secure ePayment solution


With PantherPayments, you can confidently navigate the complex nature of payments security and compliance requirements. Our comprehensive ePayments software is designed to address regulations specific to lawyers. 

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100% compliant with legal regulations

PantherPayments is fully compliant with IOLTA, ABA, and all state bar guidelines for online payments. Managing trust accounts? Use PracticePanther’s ePayments software to deposit retainer payments directly into your trust accounts.


Accept online payments secured by PCI regulations

Secure your firm’s sensitive information and payment data with PracticePanther’s 256-bit military-grade encryption. As soon as you log in, your data is transmitted using an encrypted connection – making it nearly impossible for unauthorized parties to gain access.


Set specific user roles to ePayments

PracticePanther allows you to grant or limit access for users across the platform. From legal documents to detailed payment reports — administrators can control user access and visibility of firm and client information by a specific IP address or role. 

Exclusive and robust reports included in our law firm ePayment processing system

Track payment statuses, monitor cash flow, analyze revenue trends, and dive into other essential financial metrics. Our reporting features offer flexibility, allowing you to access the information that matters most to your firm. Gain a holistic understanding of your financial landscape and leverage actionable insights to drive your firm’s success.

practicepanther benchmark reports

Easily track payment status

Generate custom payment reports in PantherPayments to quickly view the status of an invoice payment. In a single glance, see whether a payment is pending, late, paid, or refunded. Need chargeback assistance? We’re here to assist. 


Real-time financial reporting

Easily filter by custom Tags, bank accounts, payment methods, and Contact or Matter to get detailed insights into your firm’s revenue and collections. Quickly view outstanding balances and send payment reminders.


See how you stack up to the competition

Our ePayments software generates quarterly benchmark report email that gives you personalized insights into your payment performance. The payments report compares your collections to similar law firms — helping you identify areas to optimize your collections and make informed business decisions around your firm’s financial health.

The law firm ePayment processing suits all payment types, guaranteed. 


With convenient payment methods, simplified retainer and trust account payments, and quick payment requests, PantherPayments aims to eliminate all the challenges associated with processing payments. Devote your attention to what truly matters – working closely with your clients and delivering exceptional legal services.

Operating and trust accounts

Offer convenient payment methods

Through PantherPayments, your firm can securely accept ACH, eCheck, and all major credit and debit cards, including Visa and American Express. Get paid 70% faster by offering familiar payment options your clients are comfortable using.


Simplified retainer and trust account payments

PantherPayments adheres to IOLTA and trust account compliance. Use our ePayment system to deposit retainer payments directly into your trust account. Easily track retainer and trust account balances on a user-friendly dashboard. 


Easily send and deposit payment requests

Use PantherPayments to send client requests without generating an invoice. Send a custom payment link via email and the client payment is automatically deposited to the operating or trust account your firm chooses.


Experience the convenience of ePayment processing solution designed for law firms 


With PantherPayments, you can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of online payments without compromising on regulatory requirements. Our solution is designed to keep you in full compliance with the necessary standards, giving you the peace of mind that your transactions are handled securely and in accordance with industry regulations.

Get paid faster with Onelink

Get paid instantly with OneLink 

PantherPayments OneLink feature makes it easy for you to get paid quickly and compliantly through a credit or debit card and eCheck. Create templates with pre-defined payment terms to standardize and streamline your ePayment process.


Set custom or fixed payment amounts

Configure OneLink setting on your firm’s terms. Send ePayment links with fixed amounts or allow clients to enter the desired amount they want to pay. Allocate payment submissions to the desired account so you never lose track of a deposit.


Eliminate payment bottlenecks during client intake

Start working on your legal cases faster by allowing clients to pay during the intake process. Use PracticePanther’s eSignature software to send documents for electronic signature and collect payment with custom ePayment links at the same.

Straight forward and transparent

Hidden fees are the worst. We’ve got you covered with PantherPayments.
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Credit Card Transaction Fees

Up to 4.5% + Fees vary by card type

2.9% All Cards

eCheck Fees

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Card Brand Network Fees

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May Apply

Other Fees: Membership Fees, Processing Minimum Penalty Fees, Additional Trust Accounts, PCI Compliance

Fees vary


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