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Constantly stuck with unpaid invoices and struggling to get paid on time? PracticePanther’s all-in-one platform makes time tracking, invoicing, and native online payments easy – so you can get paid quickly and consistently. 

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Robust legal billing software features

Use automated time and expense tracking software to spend less time on time tracking, improve the accuracy of your bills and ensure a billable hour is never missed.

PracticePanther dashboard with new time entries

Capture time in real-time

Run multiple timers across your PracticePanther account. Leaving your laptop or jumping between cases? Keep the timers going or start and stop as needed, even from the PracticePanther mobile app.


Never miss a billable hour

Create time entries from calendar events, tasks, emails, notes, text messages, or phone calls. Use PracticePanther’s legal billing software to easily discover unbilled time so you can record all your work. 


Bulk add and edit time entries

Adjust or add time entries on one screen. Left a timer running too long or forgot to hit start? Easily correct or add your time entry within the Contact or Matter.


Generate robust legal time and expense reports

Quickly create detailed custom reports of all your firm’s billable and non-billable time and expenses. Use custom Tags to filter at the user, Matter, or Contact level.

Customizable legal billing software

Use PracticePanther’s law firm billing software to customize your invoices, create unique templates, and set billable rates to fit your firm’s needs.

PracticePanther dashboard with invoices

Generate custom branded invoices

Send clean, professional legal invoices within PracticePanther by adding your firm’s logo. Include detailed client information, activities, notes, and more.


Use 1-click invoice templates

In just a few clicks, create custom invoice templates in PracticePanther. Access templates on your laptop or mobile device so you can quickly create, approve, and send clients bills for payment.


Set custom and default billable rates

Assign custom billable rates based on user, Activity, Matter, or Contact. With our legal billing software, you can even opt to automatically round billing increments based on your firm’s needs.

Built-in legal billing and payments

Manage all aspects of the legal billing cycle in one place. Process online payments, generate custom payment links for invoices, and easily track and allocate payments without a third party.

PracticePanther dashboard with payments reports and tracking

Get paid 70% faster 

Give your clients multiple ways to pay with our built-in online payment processor, PantherPayments. Accept payments via secure custom payment links, the client portal, over the phone or in-person. Set up automated reminders and create payment plans so you get paid on time, every time.


Keep your legal billing and payments in one place

By managing your firm’s billing and collections on one platform, you can easily track and attribute payments to the proper client. Without the need for costly third parties, your firm will save time and money. 


100% compliant & audit-proof

PantherPayments is fully compliant with IOLTA, ABA, and state bar guidelines for legal payments. Managing trust accounts? Use PracticePanther’s legal billing software to deposit retainer payments directly into your trust accounts.


Easily track payment status

Generate custom payment reports in PantherPayments to quickly view the status of an invoice payment. In a single glance, see whether a payment is pending, late, paid, or refunded.

Detailed legal billing reports

Generate robust reports on your law firm finances, time allocation, payments and more with PracticePanther’s legal billing.

PracticePanther dashboard with legal billing reports

Real-time financial reporting

Easily filter by custom Tags, bank accounts, payment methods, and Contact or Matter to get detailed insights into your firm’s revenue and collections. Quickly view outstanding balances and send payment reminders.


Get a holistic view of your firm’s performance

Generate detailed reports to track trends from your firm’s billing and collections to your most billed case type or practice area. Make more informed decisions about your firm’s budget, billable hours, and allocation of resources.


Understand where your time is allocated

Time is money — track your billable work and activities spent at the Contact and Matter level. Easily identify areas to reduce administrative and non-billable tasks to get more time back in your day.

Legal billing software with stress-free accounting

Gain peace of mind by avoiding audits and accurately tracking trust account balances. Request and accept retainer payments directly into your trust account. Easy.

PracticePanther dashboard with legal billing

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