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We built automated tools to make time tracking, invoicing, and payment transactions easy – dare we say fun?

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Track time and expenses from anywhere

We get it, filling out timesheets isn’t all that fun. That’s why we’ve designed time tracking to be simple and fast. Add all of your time entries and expenses in less than 60 seconds. Then, sit back and watch the cash flow in.

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Invoices that reflect your firm to a tee

Build and batch generate customized invoices for your diverse client portfolio. Through a few simple clicks, get paid hourly, on a flat rate, or on contingency.

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100% Compliant & Audit-proof

We play by the books. That’s why PantherPayments is 100% compliant with IOLTA, ABA and state bar guidelines for legal payments. Also, bonus: our processor gets firms paid 70% faster than average.

PracticePanther dashboard with legal billing reports

Data-driven insights

Slice and dice your firm’s data so you can efficiently allocate your time and resources. Through our custom reporting, you can uncover insights on which matters bring in the most cash, or break down the number of upcoming tasks per matter. Pretty handy, right?

Hello, stress-free accounting

Gain peace of mind by avoiding audits and accurately tracking trust account balances. Request and accept retainer payments directly into your trust account. Easy.

PracticePanther dashboard with legal billing

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