Legal analytics software designed to give you valuable insights into your firm’s performance. 

Slice, sort, filter, and manage your legal data to run your firm like a champ. Discover hidden data and analytics about your law firm with customized Tags.

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Activities Custom Tags in PracticePanther

Allocate resources and staff efficiently across your law firm with in-depth legal analytics 

Wondering which practice area your law firm serves is the busiest or needs more support? Use PracticePanther’s legal analytics software to tag, filter, and analyze problem areas and allocate your firm’s resources appropriately. Provide the support your staff needs to establish a more productive law firm.

PracticePanther dashboard showing payments reports

Create custom Tags to add dimension to Reports

Our innovative tagging capabilities allow you to create customized filters to uncover insights and analytics on specific types of case data. Slice and dice data by adding Tags to your Contacts, Matters, and Activities so you can pinpoint areas of growth. PracticePanther’s legal analytics software gives you the opportunity to scale your law firm to the next level. Uncover insights on specific types of case data, like if your revenue is up or down compared to last quarter.

PracticePanther dashboard showing payments reports

Easily break down your firm’s ROI with detailed analytics and data 

We understanding that managing numerous clients and active cases can be overwhelming. With PracticePanther’s custom tagging feature, you can gain a comprehensive view of your leads’ source across all marketing channels. By sorting and analyzing which channels generate the most revenue for your law firm, you can determine your ROI and develop a stronger growth strategy. With this knowledge in hand, you can allocate your resources effectively to your high-performing marketing channels and referral sources to build a high-velocity firm.

Evolve your client referral program

Most people find their lawyer through word of mouth. Review the ROI of your referral program through our tag filters to determine if you need to change up your referral strategy or client engagement. Understand when you need to supplement what’s working well for you with more resources. Create custom reports to bring in more businesses to your firm.

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