Quickly Message Your Clients with Native Text Messaging

Communicate efficiently and instantly with your clients right where you keep everything else related to their case. Allow everyone at your firm to have a bird’s eye view of all correspondence with 2-way business text messaging built natively in PracticePanther.

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Business Texting For Laywers
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Chat instantly with clients in a fast-paced world

The best way to reach your clients is at the device right in their pockets. Consumers respond to text messages in 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes for emails. Have a quick question for your client or need to review a file? The answer is just a text away.

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Build client relationships

Text message clients within PracticePanther from the same space you do all your case management. Now, teams have a birds-eye view of all forms of correspondence, and text messages are attached to each case file leaving your firm a paper trail for record-keeping. Quickly send important messages, documents, and reminders. Easily send invoice links with a few clicks so clients can pay directly from their phones.

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Work more efficiently and save money with an all-in-one platform

Business texting in PracticePanther saves your firm from purchasing additional phone lines that lock you into long-term contracts or from paying for other third-party services that increase your monthly spend. Text messaging is included free of charge with your PracticePanther Business plan.

Track your time

Create a new time entry from any conversation

While texting speeds up communication, you still need to track the time spent with your client. Use the built-in time tracking button in the 2-way text messaging tool to easily add time entries directly from conversations to ensure all billable time is always accounted for in one place.

Phone Privacy

Maintain your privacy and security

Don’t compromise your personal information. Receive a free text messaging phone number through PracticePanther so clients text your firm, not your own cell phone.

Customer service via texting

Enhance your customer service

Make your clients feel comfortable by allowing them to communicate in a more natural way. Sending and receiving important messages has never been easier. Get in-app notifications when a new message is received, making your response time lightning fast.

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