A modern approach to business texting

Are you tired of waiting for clients to respond to your emails? PracticePanther’s built-in two-way business texting feature allows you to communicate efficiently and instantly with your clients. Send appointment reminders, custom payment links, share documents for eSignature, and more!

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Business Texting For Laywers

Communicate securely and conveniently with native business text messaging

Connect with your clients at their fingertips with a custom texting number for your law firm. Confirm appointments, share documents for eSignatures, and send payment links seamlessly and securely through simple text messages.

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Text clients without sacrificing your privacy

Never worry about sharing your personal phone number. PracticePanther’s business texting software generates a free business phone number to send messages. 


Easily confirm appointments

Send clients text message reminders about their upcoming appointment. Eliminate no-shows by allowing clients to confirm their attendance. 


Quickly share documents and collect eSignatures

Use PracticePanther’s native eSignature software to generate documents for electronic signature and share them via text message. Track the status and get notified when signed. 


Get paid faster by texting custom payment links

Accept online payments by generating custom payment links with OneLink. Send the unique payment link via text message so clients can pay their invoice in a few clicks.

Use text messaging to stay connected


Remind your clients of upcoming appointments, share documents or case progress, and more, eliminating the need to wait for responses in email inboxes. Stay connected and keep your clients informed in real-time, ensuring a smooth and efficient communication process.

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Securely communicate with clients 

Use PracticePanther’s business texting software to chat with clients instantly. Your correspondences are kept safe through military-grade encryption.


Send automated reminders 

Create automatic text messages to remind clients about document requests, upcoming invoice payments, and appointments. 


Enhance your customer service

Make your clients feel comfortable by allowing them to communicate in a more natural way. Get in-app notifications when a new message is received, making your response time lightning-fast.


Share important case updates with clients

Build stronger attorney-client relationships by keeping clients in the loop about their cases. Share updates, ask questions, and more in an instant.

Business text messaging built into PracticePanther

Eliminate the need for external texting services or sharing your personal cellphone number. Simplify collaboration, streamline client communication, and boost productivity — all with our built-in business text messaging solution.

native 2-way texting in practicepanther

Work more efficiently and save money with an all-in-one platform

Save money and avoid long-term contracts with PracticePanther’s built-in business texting feature. No need to purchase additional phone lines or pay for third-party services.


Get a holistic view of client communications

View all client text messages on PracticePanther’s intuitive dashboard. Use custom Tags to track client correspondences at the Contact or Matter level. 


Keep your staff on the same page

Assign specific roles and permissions to allow proper staff access to client text messages. Easily track and view conversations between your firm and the client from anywhere.

Create a new time entry from any conversation

PracticePanther’s two-way business text messaging feature includes a built-in time tracking button that allows you to easily add time entries directly from your conversations to ensure all billable time is always accurately accounted for and stored in one place.

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