A legal calendaring software designed for any law firm

Keep on top of all intake meetings, appointments, and court dates. PracticePanther’s legal calendaring software syncs your calendars and keeps you one step ahead of your events and deadlines – saving you time, money, and resources. Set court rules-based calendar events and create workflows to always stay connected.

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calendaring for legal professionals

Finally, a legal calendar that does it all


Use PracticePanther’s legal calendaring software to create time entries, confirm client meetings, manage tasks, and effortlessly stay on top of court rules deadlines.

calendaring for lawyers

Customize your calendar with custom Tags

Filter and organize your legal calendar view on your terms. View your most important deadlines or events based on Contact, Matter, task, and more in one glance. Use color codes to categorize your events to quickly identify their type. 


Capture more billable time

Use PracticePanther’s custom Tags to track events in your legal calendar by Contact or Matter. Forgot to enter your time? Easily convert appointments or events into time entries to ensure all billable time is captured and allocated to the proper client.


Keep everyone in your firm on the same page

Invite clients to events and save time assigning individual tasks to staff by creating custom user groups. Add as many users in a group and assign them to a specific task, Contact, Matter, event, or activity.


Access your legal calendar from anywhere

Review your appointments, create tasks, send clients calendar invites and more from the PracticePanther mobile app or any of your synced calendars.

Keep tabs on events, tasks, and more with our legal calendar 


Our comprehensive legal calendar guarantees you never miss a beat when it comes to event, task, appointment reminders, and much more. Stay organized and on top of your daily agenda with confidence.

Never miss a deadline with event reminders

Set deadlines, receive daily reminders, and create new events or tasks on the go with PracticePanther’s legal calendaring software. View your calendar and get notifications via desktop, mobile app, email, text message, and more.


File on time, every time

Use PracticePanther’s intuitive legal calendaring software to display the statute of limitations on all of your cases. Set reminders and easily see when a deadline for a case is approaching at a glance. 


Set up client appointments, and send automated reminders

When you create legal calendar invites for clients, easily configure the settings to send automatic reminders leading up to their appointment. Easily send reminders via email or text message.


Sync client intake to your legal calendar workflow

Never leave a prospective client in the funnel. Use client data from PracticePanther’s automated intake forms to add clients to a workflow with triggered tasks to send calendar invites for their appointment, sign documents, and other steps in your onboarding process.

Legal calendaring software that integrated with Google and Outlook


Experience the convenience of using your calendars with PracticePanther’s legal calendar software. Seamlessly integrate with an external calendar like Google or Outlook, allowing you to work confidently while using your favorite calendar. 

calendaring for lawyers

Sync your calendars in one place

Seamlessly sync PracticePanther’s legal calendaring software with your Google or Outlook calendars to get a full view of your events and meetings no matter which platform you’re using. Access your legal calendar on your laptop, or on your mobile device with the PracticePanther app.


Stay on top of deadlines with Court Rules

PracticePanther’s legal calendaring software seamlessly integrates with LawToolBox, allowing your firm to sync pre-set and custom court rule dates to your PracticePanther calendar and workflows. Instantly import court deadlines with our court rule sets, then watch as your deadlines, tasks, and events are automatically scheduled for you.

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Brett Davies, Esq.

The software, took me through everything that I needed to learn in order to drive Practice Panther. I never had to pay for any training.

Brett Davies, Esq.

Brett Davies, Esq.

Financial Attorney at Legal Consolidated Barristers


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Kathleen Day-Seiter
Owner, Law Office of Kathleen Day-Seiter
It's like having a full-time employee at a fraction of the cost.

I couldn’t run my law firm without PracticePanther. The software is easy to use, the PracticePanther support is excellent, and the company is always rolling out new features!

Carmina K. Hirsch, Esq.
Attorney, The Law Offices of Hirsch Legal, LLC
I can access PracticePanther anywhere.

PracticePanther has revolutionized my practice, saving me time with its user-friendly case management & invoicing system. I can access it anywhere!