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Don’t risk missing client intake meetings, appointments, and court dates. PracticePanther syncs with your calendar and keeps you one step ahead of your meetings and events – saving you time, money, and resources.

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calendaring for legal professionals
calendaring for lawyers

Integrate and centralize all events

Seamlessly sync your PracticePanther calendar with your Google or Outlook calendars to get a full view of your events and meetings no matter which platform you’re using. Invite clients to events and save time assigning individual tasks to staff by creating custom user groups. Add as many users in a group and assign them to a specific task, event, or any other activity that your firm needs in just one click.

Bonus: Easily convert appointments and events into time entries to ensure all billable time is captured.

calendaring for lawyers

Never miss a deadline again

You can never be over-prepared when it comes to organizing your schedule. Set deadlines, see the statute of limitations, receive daily reminders, and create new events or tasks on the go.

calendaring for lawyers

Add court rule-sets and deadlines in 1 click

PracticePanther’s legal calendaring software seamlessly integrates with LawTool Box allowing your firm to sync essential court rule sets to your PracticePanther account. Instantly import court deadlines with our court rule sets, then watch as your deadlines and events are automatically scheduled for you.

Legal calendaring software that integrates across your firm

Legal Time Tracking View in PracticePanther

Convert your legal calendar events to time entries 

Never lose track of how much time you spent at a client meeting or project. PracticePanthers offers various time tracking methods to ensure your hours are always accurate, including the ability to create time entries from your calendar events.

PracticePanther Custom Tags

Create custom tags to locate information faster

Access critical information by creating custom tags that can be filtered from your legal calendar and across your PracticePanther account at the contact, matter, or activity level. The possibilities are endless with the categories your firm can create, and how you use custom tags to optimize your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do lawyers need legal calendar software?

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Can you customize your legal calendar based on clients and matters?

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PracticePanther Contacts and Matters

Link contacts and matters in your legal calendar

Managing a case requires several moving parts. Keep track of every detail by linking your contacts and matters to specific events in your calendar. Once linked, you can view all activities for that case in one single view.

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Brett Davies, Esq.

The software, took me through everything that I needed to learn in order to drive Practice Panther. I never had to pay for any training.

Brett Davies, Esq.

Brett Davies, Esq.

Financial Attorney at Legal Consolidated Barristers


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