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Building a healthy attorney-client relationship with existing and prospective clients, or professional contacts is easy with PracticePanther’s legal CRM software. Sync data from automated intake forms, apply custom Tags, and add Contacts to Workflows so your firm never misses a beat. 

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Legal CRM that law firms can access anywhere 


Effortlessly organize your information using custom tags, gain a holistic view of your cases through an intuitive dashboard, and seamlessly sync client data from automated intake forms to your legal CRM

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See the status of a case on one dashboard

Use PracticePanther’s intuitive dashboard to quickly see the status of current and prospective client case information. View their full Contact and Matter details, account balances, payment information, notes, and more in one place.


Organize your legal CRM with custom Tags

Keep your firm’s entire book of business in one location. Use Tags to categorize Contacts by client, prospect, professional contact, and more. Filter your tags to get business insights on high value clients or your lead generation tactics. PracticePanther’s legal CRM is your firm’s rolodex — but better. 


Automatically sync Contact information anywhere

Sync client data from PracticePanther’s automated intake forms to populate information to a new Contact. Enhance the accuracy of client information and save time inputting individual client fields.

Set automated alerts and build workflows with our robust legal CRM for law firms


Stay on top of all your tasks and client communication effortlessly through automation. Effectively engage with your clients at various touchpoints. Never miss important deadlines, appointments, or critical interactions again.

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Automate your client follow-up with custom workflows

Create triggered tasks and events for each Contact or Matter using PracticePanther’s automated workflows. Enhance the client experience with automated communication touchpoints. 


Create and send client appointment reminders

Use PracticePanther’s legal CRM software to automate your firm’s appointment scheduling process. Securely send automatic meeting reminders to clients via email, SMS text, or enable the client portal to access two-way messaging. 


Stay on top of case progression

Keep your firm organized and on track with every client case. Quickly see what stage a client or prospect is in a workflow so you never have to worry about missing a step.

Finally, a legal CRM  that meets the needs of you and your clients 


From seamless client intake processes to custom client portals, our legal CRM empowers law firms to create a personalized experience for your clients.

Provide on-demand access with the Client Portal

PracticePanther’s Client Portal gives clients access to an easy-to-use online platform to connect with your firm. Clients can securely view uploaded documents, send your firms messages, check the balance on their invoices, and make payments online. All communications are tracked in our legal CRM so you never miss a beat. 


Enhance the client experience with greater transparency 

From intake to a retained client, PracticePanther allows your firm to personalize the client experience and give them insight into every step of their case — all without picking up the phone.


Customize with your firm’s branding and logo

Show your firm’s professionalism and customize the client experience by embedding your firm’s logo on PracticePanther’s automated intake forms and the client portal. 

Rest easy knowing all is safe and sound

When it comes to your clients’ data, security is of the utmost importance. That’s why PracticePanther uses 256-bit SSL encryption and CAPTCHA to secure all form submissions, whether they’re made on a phone or a computer. Everything you save on PracticePanther is protected, giving you peace of mind that your clients’ information is safe and secure.

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William A. Hannosh, Esq.

PracticePanther has helped us by not only being the one source for all our practice needs, but also making billable hours easier to track.

William A. Hannosh, Esq.

William A. Hannosh, Esq.

Civil Litigation Attorney at The Law Office of Willam A Hannosh

Law Office of William A. Hannosh, Esq.

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I couldn’t run my law firm without PracticePanther. The software is easy to use, the PracticePanther support is excellent, and the company is always rolling out new features!

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Attorney, The Law Offices of Hirsch Legal, LLC
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PracticePanther has revolutionized my practice, saving me time with its user-friendly case management & invoicing system. I can access it anywhere!