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You didn’t go to law school to get swamped with paperwork. PracticePanther’s automated features including case management, document management, calendaring, billing, and payments, simplifies daily operations at your law firm to allow you to give your full attention to what matters most: your clients and practice.

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PracticePanther dashboard
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Client Relationship Management

We grow and maintain your client rolodex.

PracticePanther dashboard with secure messaging

Reduce non-billable hours

As soon as your client walks through your firm’s (physical or digital) door, get their contact information and case details through automated on-branded client intake forms.

Avoid communication mishaps

Prevent communication snafus with frequent interaction and document sharing through our secure two-way messaging portal.

Rest easy knowing all is safe and sound

All form submissions are 256-bit SSL encrypted with CAPTCHA. 

Robust Case Management

Stay on top of all your cases wherever your day takes you, anytime. Our case management software automatically tracks every detail and document, so you don’t have to.

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Access need-to-know data anytime, anywhere

In the office or on the road, access case details via your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop.

Do a lot of the same effortlessly

Apply our one-click templates and watch as the tasks and events get automatically created for you.

Grow your firm

PracticePanther’s innovative tagging capabilities let you create customized filters to uncover insights on specific types of case data, like if your revenue is up or down compared to last quarter.

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Sophisticated Document Management

We organize, manage, and track your documents — 21st century style. Access your legal documents securely from the cloud and never worry about tracking down a file again.

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Go paperless, quadruple your options

With seamless Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and integrations you can easily share important legal documents with clients or colleagues instantly.

Automated legal documents

Reduce non-billable hours across your firm through the magic of templates. All you have to do is upload a template and we’ll fill in the contact and matter details for you in one click.

Modern document collaboration and eSignatures

Create, edit, approve, archive, and manage documents in real-time with all the key players — colleagues and clients alike. Easily send documents for electronic signature and store them in PracticePanther without the use of third parties.

PracticePanther legal roles setup dashboard


Our legal software keeps your information secure through a 256-bit military grade encryption.

PracticePanther legal roles setup dashboard

Just as safe as your online bank

As soon as you log in, data is transmitted using an encrypted connection and boom — even Jason Bourne couldn’t get in.

Powered by

Avoid data leaks through a HIPAA-compliant secure law firm software. We partner with to ensure your confidential files stay that way.

Access from secure locations

Enable only specific IP addresses, like your office, to access sensitive information. This way your classified files can’t be exposed to public WiFi at a coffee shop or at the airport.


PracticePanther’s legal calendar does more than just scheduling — it keeps busy lawyers organized and connected to their practice, wherever they go.

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Integrate and centralize all events

Sync your legal calendar with Google, Outlook, and other colleagues and firm calendars. Invite clients to appointments and events.

Never miss a deadline again

You can never be over-prepared when it comes to organizing your schedule. Set deadlines, see the statute of limitations, and receive daily reminders.

Add court rule-sets and deadlines in 1 click

Sync your PracticePanther account with LawToolBox. Instantly import court deadlines with our court rule-sets, then watch as your deadlines and events are automatically scheduled for you.

PracticePanther dashboard setup

Legal Billing

We make legal billing simple by reducing manual entry and automating your most redundant billing tasks. Set your custom fee structure, create payment plans, and generate invoices in minutes. Allow clients to pay you easier with online payments, digital invoices, and secure payment links.

PracticePanther legal invoice dashboard

Get paid on time with online payments

Access multiple ways to get paid — accept debit, credit, or eCheck securely through our built-in payments processor, PantherPayments. Bonus: our law firm software can deposit your retainer payments directly into your trust account.

Law firm billing on your terms

Bill hourly, charge flat fees or work on contingency. Set up automatic payment reminders, client-specific payment plans, and on-retainer contracts.

Simplified legal invoicing

Create professional invoices branded with your firm’s logo with our customizable invoice templates in a few clicks. Apply specific billing details, client-related expenses, and payment information without re-inventing the wheel. Easily send invoices electronically with secure payment links for clients to pay online.

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