Streamline Your Solo Practice with PracticePanther’s Cloud-Based Legal Management Software

As a solo practitioner, your time is valuable, and you need the right resources to run your practice efficiently. PracticePanther’s practice management legal software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to help solo practitioners reduce time spent on administrative tasks and focus on building a thriving and profitable practice.

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The Law Practice Management Software Solution Made to Reduce “Busy” Work

Imagine what you could accomplish with an extra 8 hours each week. With these powerful law practice management software solutions, you can streamline your workload and free up valuable time for the things that matter most.

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Contacts & Matters

Our contacts and matter management solutions help you communicate, collaborate, and share information with colleagues so there are no communication mishaps throughout the lifespan of each matter.

Time Tracking

Eliminate the need for retroactive time tracking with our state-of-the-art time-tracking solution. With the ability to log your billable hours in real-time from any device and location, you can stay on top of your hours without worrying about documenting time later on. Need to send an invoice? Our solo practice billing software has you covered. 

Automated Reminders

Don’t let important events slip your mind or forget to delegate crucial tasks to your colleagues. With our automated SMS reminders, you can stay on top of your schedule and keep everyone in the loop. Whether it’s a client meeting or a must-do task, sending a reminder is just a click away.

Legal Software for Practice Management Designed with Solo Practice Law Firms in Mind

Let PracticePanther help you run a successful law firm with automated features. 

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Tag and Filters

Want to stay on top of your law firm’s workload and allocate resources and support effectively? Our cloud-based legal practice management software allows you to generate quick reports on the busiest practice areas and attorneys. With intuitive tagging and filtering, you can easily slice and dice your data to make informed decisions and optimize your strategy.

Batch Invoicing

Eliminate the need to send invoices through snail mail. Instantly generate invoices as you track billable hours with our legal billing software. In just one click, your invoice is on its way to your client, saving you time and streamlining your invoicing process.

Document Creation

As a solo practitioner, you need the best practice management platform that can keep up with your demanding workload. With PracticePanther, generating legal document templates is a breeze. Whether you need client intake forms, contracts, agreements, or any other document, you can create them in just a few seconds. Plus, with our unlimited storage space, you can easily and securely store your documents electronically.

Start Your Client Relationships on the Right Foot

Deliver exceptional client experience your clients deserve and build stronger attorney-client relationships from the get-go.

Client Portal

Our client portal is a legal practice client management system designed to make it easy for you to automate your communication, payment, and file organization, streamlining your workload and freeing up time to focus on your clients. With our secure client portal, you can access all client interactions and documents in one centralized location, ensuring everything is easily accessible and securely stored. 


Don’t let snail mail slow you down or put important documents at risk of being lost. With our legal practice management software, you can create documents and send them electronically to your clients for eSignature in minutes, not days. Best of all, you can store and send unlimited eSignatures at no extra cost, really. 


Two-Way Business Texting 

People spend more time on their phones than their computers these days. It’s more important than ever to reach your clients on-the-go. Whether you need to send documents for eSignature, appointment reminders, or payment requests, it’s all made possible with just a few taps on the phone. Best part? We provide you with a dedicated phone number, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your personal numbers with clients.

Solo Law Practice Software with Native ePayments

Running a successful solo practice requires more than just hard work — it requires efficient and streamlined billing and payment processes. PantherPayments is here to help get some stress off your shoulders.

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PantherPayments: Built-In ePayment Processor

Delayed payments, lost checks, and frustrating payment systems are never fun to deal with.  PantherPayments is designed to streamline your payment process and get you paid up to 70% faster, all while staying fully compliant with industry regulations. Take your practice to new heights, collect payments faster, and improve your cash flow with PracticePanther.

PracticePanther dashboard showing invoice templates

Solo practicioners dig it

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PracticePanther anticipated my needs. There’s options for billing hourly, contingency, and more.

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Julie Gafkay

Employment Attorney at Gafkay Law, PLC


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