Automate, delegate, & accelerate your task management

Constantly feel like you’re racing the clock and running out of hours in the day? Time is valuable for any business. Improve your firm’s productivity by letting PracticePanther conquer your everyday to-do lists and get you home for dinner on time.

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Say hello to deadlines, and goodbye to mistakes

Lawyers are busier than ever, with more distractions than ever — missing deadlines can still happen from time to time, and it never feels great. So why take the chance? Start managing your task like a champ and say goodbye to missed deadlines. Lessen your workload by automating your administrative tasks with PracticePanther’s task management so you can keep yourself and your whole staff on track and on time for all deadlines.

PracticePanther dashboard showing task management

Kickstart your day while brushing your teeth

Every day needs an agenda and all lawyers need a daily rundown of what needs to be done. Agree? As soon as you wake up, we show you what lies ahead in your day so you don’t have to block time to manually add your tasks to your agenda book. You see your day at a glance, and your staff sees theirs, digitally and instantly. Your tasks list will be ready for you while you’re doing your morning routine.

PracticePanther dashboard showing task management

More efficiency, and fewer headaches

Stay on top of knowing what’s been done and what hasn’t across your law firm. Our intuitive and easy-to-read task management dashboard gives you a bird’s view of when a goal is scored or a ball is dropped.

Many tasks with only so little time

In any business, time is money. Your time is expensive. Why waste it on boring and repetitive administrative tasks? Our task management software saves you from the tedium of day-to-day routine, so you can go out and do what you are known to do best – practice law and win cases.

PracticePanther dashboard showing task management
PracticePanther dashboard showing invoice reminders

Focus on practicing law, not the paperwork

You didn’t spend all those years in law school learning how to send reminders to clients and draft invoices. Leave the repetitive tasks behind, automate your tasks, and spend more time in the courtroom fighting for your clients.

PracticPanther Custom Tags

Utilize Custom Tags To Track Staff’s Productivity

Trying to get a grasp of what your staff has been doing? Filter your calendar to see who’s overwhelmed with tasks and delegate them accordingly. Don’t overwhelm your staff with mounts of tasks. Track, review, and reassign tasks for your staff when needed with Custom Tags.

PracticePanther New Task

Assign Tasks To Your Clients

Got a task for your client to complete by a certain date? Stop guessing if your client is going to complete that paperwork, instead, assign tasks for your clients straight from the client portal. Work collaboratively and assign important tasks to speed up the process with intuitive task management software made for you and your client.

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My favorite thing by far is the intuitive interface. You can’t overstate how important ease of use is in technology when it comes to legal professionals.

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Ross D. Gardner

Business Attorney at The Law Office of Ross D. Gardner

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