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Avoid bar complaints and keep on top of opposing and outside counsel, expert witnesses, documents, and deadlines.

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PracticePanther dashboard showing contacts and matter management

Organize matters in a way that best suits your firm and your staff

Your practice is unlike any other. Add client or meeting notes, link contacts, and connect invoices to the appropriate matters. Our matter management solutions help you communicate, collaborate, and share information with colleagues so there are no communication mishaps throughout the lifespan of each matter.

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Store data securely in one place for peace of mind and 0% data loss

Protect sensitive matter data and contact information securely in the cloud with PracticePanther. Share details with clients on a need-to-know basis to build a long-standing and credible attorney-client relationship. Store and recall contact and matter data when you need it at anytime. Maintain compliance without sacrificing accessibility and manage your contact and matter data from one place.

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Take full control of your agenda and stay on top of any important task

Don’t let competing deadlines take control of your practice. You no longer need to feel overwhelmed by seeing all your tasks at the same time — complete one and then we’ll give you another. Contact and matter management in PracticePanther helps you prioritize tasks by what needs to get done first. We’ll even email you your daily agenda straight to your inbox, so you can check your to-do list before logging in. Stay organized and productive by tackling your agenda step-by-step.

Seamlessly manage contacts, matters, activities, processes, and data

Did you know most law firms misplace up to 50% of their data because it is stored in missing emails, folders, and desktops? Our Matter Management solution keeps your data at your fingertips. Don’t leave another important document waiting in a pile of paperwork. Sync all of your case details, contacts, files, and more, digitally in PracticePanther. .

PracticePanther dashboard showing contacts and matters
PracticePanther Contact and Matter

Gain a bird’s-eye view of your cases in just one click 

Ditch the late nights flipping through paperwork or hunting for files deep in email threads. Start managing your practice like you never have before with PracticePanther’s client and matter management features. View the Contacts or Matters dashboards for a bird’s-eye view of what’s stored in the cloud. We make it as simple as possible to find the information you need, so you don’t miss out on anything important.

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PracticePanther anticipated my needs. There’s options for billing hourly, contingency, and more.

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Julie Gafkay

Employment Attorney at Gafkay Law, PLC


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