You Mad(ness)? Examining the Legality of Company NCAAM Championship Brackets

‘Tis the season to fill out brackets, and there’s no denying that betting on the NCAA is a practice almost as traditionally apple-pie-all-American as decking your halls with boughs of holly. As of exactly ten years ago, 27% of the American workforce participated Championship office brackets, racking up a staggering overall $2.5 billion in bets. […]

Securities regulations: Catching up with the fast paced world of digital trading

Security Regulations: Catching Up With Blockchain Technology

On February 16, 2018, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) published guidelines on how it will handle inquiries about initial coin offerings, sometimes called token sales. Switzerland is the first nation to provide official guidance on ICOs. The move came in response to an overwhelming number of inquiries. FINMA’s guidelines spell out information that […]

How blockchain technology will drive clients to your law firm

How Blockchain Technology Will Drive Clients To Your Law Firm

Blockchain technology is the new black of technology. You have probably heard of blockchain in relation to bitcoin and how it’s bitcoin’s underlying technology. But what exactly is blockchain and how does it work? Most importantly, how will it affect the way law firms do business? First, an explanation is in order. Simply put, blockchain […]

TECHnically Speaking: Reflections on the ABA TechShow

TECHnically Speaking: Reflections on the ABA TechShow

On March 7th, 2018, PracticePanther kicked off its third year at the annual ABA TechShow in Chicago, Illinois. If there’s anything we’ve learned in our three years’ worth of ABA memories and experiences, it’s that every year brings forth an incomparable and unique opportunity to connect with professionals from all corners of the legal, tech, […]

5 Ways to Recruit (and Retain) Millennial Attorneys

5 Ways to Recruit (and Retain) Millennial Attorneys

According to Pew Research, Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers and Generation X as the largest generation in the workforce, and this has been a source of contention for many companies. Millennials have a higher job turnover rate than any other generation, and the legal profession is no exception. A surprising 70% of entry-level associates who […]

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3% to 300% of Revenue a Year: Learn How You Can Grow Your Law Firm Doing What this Attorney Did

I was in Boca Raton staying at the Waldorf Astoria for the LawFirm 500 trade show in 2017. Now, I’ve been to many legal tech shows, but this stood out to me because it was different. How? Even if you were not an attorney, you would walk out of their knowing a thing or two […]

What multi-million dollar law firms taught me about closing deals - try this formula

What Multi-Million Dollar Law Firms Taught me About Closing Deals – Try this Formula

I have the privilege of speaking to thousands of attorneys of all sizes. Many attorneys that I spoke with years ago were solo practitioners that just started out their practice with a dingy little office and a virtual assistant. Fast forward to present day, these solo practitioners now have a booming law firm with a […]