With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to knock out those last-minute gifts on your list. Gift givers think of all of those people that made the year brighter — housekeepers, hairstylists, and, perhaps most importantly, lawyers. Figuring out gift ideas for lawyers that show your appreciation can be difficult. Lawyers give unbiased advice, sort out complicated legal matters, and keep clients out of jail — they deserve a well-chosen gift, don’t they?

Picking out a gift for a lawyer may be difficult for some people, especially if they haven’t spent much personal time with them, but there’s no need to overthink it. Instead, here are 10 last-minute gift ideas for lawyers, many of which can be picked up in local stores or delivered quickly. 

Whether the lawyer is a recent graduate of law school or if they’re a partner at a major firm, there’s bound to be something on this list sure to please them. 

For the Caffeine Drinker: Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Single-Serve Machine

It’s no wonder that lawyers run on espresso, so one of the best gift ideas for lawyers is one that makes it easier for them to get their fuel for their workday. This espresso machine hooks up in a flash and pipes out luxurious foam and perfect espresso in less than five minutes. If they’re not espresso fans, it also makes incredibly decadent coffee and barista creations for colleagues and clients.

For the Busy Bee: Temperature Control Smart Mug

Instead of warming up that perfect cup of coffee repeatedly in the microwave, lawyers can use this smart mug to keep their cup of joe at the perfect temperature until they actually have time to finish it. When was the last time that actually happened? That’s the gift of saved time and taste buds!

For the Overstressed: Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow

Lawyers work hard, but clients can ease their stress with this pillow that will slide right in their seats to massage tired backs and stress knots. They’ll feel as though they took an hour to get a Swedish massage without ever leaving their desk and losing billable hours! With over 28,000 favorable reviews, it’s sure to be a welcome gift idea for lawyers.

For the One Needing a Lift: Standing Desk Converter

For a lawyer that prefers to work on their feet, a great gift idea is this standing desk converter will allow them to work at their desk while easing their back and increasing their energy. It’s the perfect size for any lawyer with five different options and a two-tier design great for laptops or monitors. 

For the WFH Lawyer: Home Office Lap Desk

Are they used to working late hours, even from bed? A highly rated lap desk can make it a little easier on their back and eyes. It comes with its own phone holder and a ledge to keep their devices from slipping into their laps. This nifty contraption will keep their neck from getting tied in knots while they’re busy interpreting the law and keeping clients out of trouble. 

For Eating on the Fly: InstantPot

Lawyers notoriously keep long hours at the office and even at the house, so the InstantPot is the perfect kitchen gadget for them. They’ll be able to make healthy and delicious meals in a fraction of the time they’re used to with typical ovens. The best part? It’s programmable and fully customizable according to the number of people eating the meal, making at-home cooking on a busy schedule even easier. 

For the Healthy Eater: Meal Prep Subscription Box

Some lawyers are too busy to prepare meals at home, even with fancy kitchen appliances. That’s why an annual subscription to a meal kit delivery service is the perfect gift idea for lawyers. There are many options to choose from and all have wonderful reviews so it’s really the dealer’s choice as to which is the best choice. Popular companies such as Blue Apron and HelloFresh offer perfectly portioned meals, while other services have prepped meals that just need to be popped in the oven. 

For the Fashionable One: Personalized Commute Clutch

This commute clutch is a lovely and thoughtful gift idea for lawyers who have a knack for style. It holds all of their gadgets and protects them in style while giving every single item a precise location for storage. The commute clutch can be personalized with their initials or monogram, ensuring they’ll still be carrying it long after business dealings have wrapped up. 

For the Recent Grad: Certificate Document Frame

For the recently graduated lawyer, this certificate document frame is a gift that they can display for years to come. The mahogany frame will blend into any office decor and make their hard-earned degree stand out with pride, as it should. Even if they already have a frame for their degree, they can use this gift for future certificates and honors that they’ll undoubtedly earn. 

For the Team of One: Echo Dot

For the lawyer who could really use an assistant or a third hand, the Echo dot is truly the gift that will keep on giving. Without having to lose focus or stop in their tracks, they can set reminders or new appointments by voice, ask what the weather will be like for court, or pause their music to take a call. These voice-controlled devices will make any lawyer’s life much easier and more productive without having to add another person to the payroll. 

A Gift Idea for Every Lawyer

Lawyer gifts can be intimidating from the perspective of their clients. From the outside looking in, they’re decisive and discerning people that can, and typically do, buy whatever they want or need for themselves. On the other hand, lawyers rarely have time for leisurely shopping and often neglect their own needs while advocating for their clients. Instead of going the easy and non-personal route of a gift card, clients can choose one of these 10 ideas and show their lawyer that they’re appreciated and thought of this Christmas season.

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