Case Management Systems for Law Firms Case Management Systems for Law Firms


Are you a lawyer? Are you fed up with being so stressed out at work? Are you tired of tracking your time entries on a notepad or excel sheets? Are you still invoicing your clients from a word template? If you just answered yes to any of these questions then you should probably look into implementing a legal case management software. Using a legal case management software will allow you to save time, work faster, and make more money. Legal case management softwares like PracticePanther offer a variety of different features that range from CRM, billing, communications, and integrations. The best part about using a legal case management software such as PracticePanther is that it’s so easy to use! Each client of PracticePanther is assigned a dedicated account manager who will help them get through any questions or concerns they might have.

There are so many features that you could gain from using a case management software at your law firm. For example, one of the best features that PracticePanther has to offer is how simply they make invoicing clients. When using PracticePanther lawyers are capable of generating invoices in just 1 click! This will allow you to save hours each month on just billing-hours that could be used to spend more time with a loved one or on a fun activity.

Another great feature that these case management systems for law firms offers is the client portal which allow both clients and lawyers to communicate more efficiently. Through this client portal, lawyers are able to invite and remind their clients via email or SMS. As well as see when clients have viewed their invoices and so much more.

PracticePanther welcomes the opportunity to visit their website and sign up for a 7 day FREE trial so that you could see for yourself!


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