Leverage Your Small Law Firm Case Management Software for Growth

Any case management platform worth its salt doesn’t simply assist attorneys in getting work done; it accommodates to and addresses the specific needs of a firm. When it comes to small law firm case management software, growth is the name of the game. The software utilized by a small firm must have a key array of features that optimize productivity and incentivize expansion in a way that is lucrative and perceptible without being overwhelming. If you are looking to harness your small law firm case management software as a tool to incentivize firm-wide growth, it is important that your solution offer certain features.

Intelligent Intake Process

Your prospective clients’ initial interactions with your firm will likely make or break their willingness to invest in your services. A client intake process that is anything short of spectacular is an automatic speed bump on your firm’s road to expansion. As is the case in most aspects of your productivity, client intake is something that should absolutely be automated by your small law firm case management software. Make sure your solution not only offers customizable intake forms, but allows you to embed these directly onto your firm’s website. When a prospective client fills out an intake form online, their information will automatically populate into a new Contact in your software, allowing your firm to follow up efficiently and begin a new working relationship.

Seamless Client Communication

Efficient, clear communication is the cornerstone of any successful client relationship – particularly in an exchange as crucial as in the provision of legal services. Your practice management solution must offer a robust set of communication features. These should include sending you and clients text message reminders about upcoming deadlines and meetings; a secure, encrypted client portal allowing you and your client to exchange important documents and information; and alerts sent directly to your phone when a client takes certain actions, like viewing a document or opening an invoice. These features are crucial for small law firm case management software because they eliminate opportunities for miscommunication or missed deadlines. A satisfied customer is far more likely to recommend your firm or to positively review it, and your software must enable you to provide the best services possible

Client Relationship Management is a Must-Have in Law Firm Case Management Software

Nowadays, there is an entire industry that revolves around client relationship management, or CRM. Your small law firm case management software must offer some built-in CRM capabilities (such as intelligent intake forms), and it should afford you the option to do more. Look for software that offers integrations with platforms like Lawmatics, which offer robust CRM functionality throughout a client’s entire relationship with your firm. These integrations will allow you to leverage your software to attract clients and to send out automated messaging to keep your firm top-of-mind should your services be needed again in the future.

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