In any professional setting, fostering transparency is not only pivotal for creating a positive workplace culture, but it’s also essential for keeping every team member on the same page. However, in a highly security-sensitive workplace like a law firm, balancing between sharing case details and maintaining confidentiality is vital. 

With PracticePanther, law firms can establish the perfect balance between transparency and security across the firm by setting custom roles for users. Custom roles enable law firms to precisely assign access to critical information, ensuring relevance to individual roles and preventing unauthorized access from third-party or irrelevant team members. Let’s explore how custom roles work in PracticePanther. 

Create Custom Roles for Role-Based Accessibility  

PracticePanther’s custom roles allow you to tailor access levels for each team member, ensuring precise control over their capabilities and accessibility of case information. 

For instance, imagine your office manager needing access solely to time tracking and billing information. You can create a custom role, name it “Office Manager,” and grant them exclusive access to just these functionalities. In a different scenario, where a managing attorney owns a case and another associate supports the research, you can restrict access to specific information like billing rates or client’s payment details. This ensures the confidentiality of certain information while still providing the associate with all the necessary information for conducting research.

Further Enhance Security with Individualized Control 

Restricting access through custom roles is a great step towards enhancing security and transparency. However, for even more robust security measures, law firms can implement individualized access control. Individual-based access control allows law firms to tailor controls for a specific individual within the team. 

For example, if you have multiple paralegals in your firm, each may be responsible for distinct client matters. You can customize their user access to encompass only their designated contacts and cases, rather than providing access to all information in PracticePanther. This can ensure a more focused and secure management of client information, while other clients’ confidentiality is upheld and limit access to the legal team working directly with them. 

For more information about creating custom roles and access levels, check out this help article

Promote Transparency Across Your Firm with Custom Access Roles in PracticePanther

While fostering transparency is important for effective collaboration within a law firm, it is also crucial to recognize that only some team members need an all-encompassing view of client or firm information. PracticePanther’s custom roles enable transparency across the firm and restrict access to non-essential information based on team members’ specific responsibilities. With each custom role, determined by the law firm’s administrator, you can ensure that each team member gains the transparency necessary for their designated task while safeguarding client confidentiality within the firm.  

If you’re interested in learning more about how PracticePanther’s custom roles work and other impactful features, book a time with our team to learn more.

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