To easily convert prospects into clients, it’s crucial for law firms to have an efficient client intake process and scheduling system in place. Without a streamlined intake process, law firms can miss out on potential clients due to communication delays, often resulting in missed opportunities. According to the American Bar Association, 42% of law firms take more than three days to respond to clients during client intake. In today’s competitive legal landscape, the speed at which you move from initial contact to scheduling a meeting is pivotal in securing new business. With PracticePanther, law firms can expedite the process from the initial contact to scheduling a meeting with prospective clients by using OneLink and automated workflows. Let’s explore how they both complement each other to ensure you never miss out on valuable clients. 

OneLink provides two key benefits: collecting payments and generating leads. Law firms can create dedicated OneLinks and place them in high-visibility areas like their website, email signatures, invoices, and more to both generate leads and secure collection fees from prospective clients.

To track lead sources effectively, create multiple OneLinks and position them strategically. For example, name a OneLink “Leads — <Channel>” and place it in the corresponding area, like “Leads — Website Homepage,” for precise lead source tracking from the website homepage. Furthermore, you can conveniently collect consultation fees from prospective clients right at the initial point of engagement, ensuring a seamless transition to the consultation process. Every submission will be meticulously recorded, and your team will receive instant notifications, allowing you to promptly schedule a call.

Learn how to set up a OneLink here.

Streamline Task Automation for Swift Consultation Booking

Once the team is notified of a new lead through OneLink, law firms can swiftly review the prospective client’s information and create a contact in PracticePanther. Subsequently, firms can use customized automated workflows to send the relevant information and consultation meeting details to the prospective client.

PracticePanther’s automated workflows offer full customization to allow law firms to create workflows based on their specific preferences and steps. For example, if you want clients to prepare all necessary case-related documents before the consultation meeting, you can add a task like “Notify the client to prepare required documents for the consultation via email” within the automated workflow. This ensures that you gain a comprehensive understanding of your prospective client’s needs before your consultation, providing them with a sense of security and confidence in your firm’s preparedness to handle their case.

Find an example of a client intake workflow here

While OneLink and automated workflows in PracticePanther are potent features individually,  when it comes to optimizing the scheduling of consultations and converting prospects into valued clients from that initial interaction, the combination of these two features stands out as the ultimate solution. This duo ensures that your firm seizes every opportunity without delay due to communication bottlenecks. To explore the full potential of PracticePanther’s OneLink and automated workflows, schedule a demo with our team and dive deeper into their capabilities and other features PracticePanther has to offer.

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