Rotharmel Shanks LLC information

PracticePanther Helps Divorce Law Firm Grow and Serve Clients Through COVID-19

Rotharmel Shanks LLC information

Helping Families Through Divorce

Attorney Tracy Shanks takes a different approach to Divorce and Family Law. Her practice has garnered exclusively 5-star reviews on Google. Nearly all the reviews from clients of Rotharmel Shanks, LLC have heartfelt and detailed comments about her professionalism, compassion, and responsiveness. When we spoke to Tracy about what motivates her, she says, “I believe that conflict in divorces has a negative impact on all members of the family. There is no need for families to pay traditionally high legal fees when they are able to work together to finalize their divorce.”

How does Tracy make it all work? She takes a conflict resolution approach to divorce disputes and scales her operations through PracticePanther.

Using PracticePanther to Impact More Families

As more clients in the New Orleans area flock to Tracy for her services, her caseload has grown substantially. Keeping services efficient is important to Tracy — and to her clients. To uphold that commitment, Rotharmel Shanks, LLC counts on PracticePanther. 

To save time, she uses automations for client files, intake forms, and templates. With the help of the client portal, Tracy has been able to keep serving her clients, even through COVID-19.

How did you do things before PracticePanther?

Tracy: I previously used a similar but much less user-friendly practice management software whose features were not intuitive and did not have the extensive automations that PracticePanther offers.

Have things improved since you started using PracticePanther?

Tracy:  The firm has grown significantly over the past several years, in large part, thanks to PracticePanther. PracticePanther has helped me organize client files, intake forms, and templates to manage the firm’s high volume caseload. Also, I have been able to expand my practice thanks to the time savings created from PracticePanther automations.

What is your favorite thing about PracticePanther?

Tracy: Our favorite thing about PracticePanther is its automation features. I have all of the firm’s intake forms linked to frequently used templates, allowing the firm to efficiently manage filings with the click of a couple buttons. 

How has your practice been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Tracy: PracticePanther has been especially helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic, since PracticePanther’s cloud-based features have allowed a seamless transition from my office to working from my home. I am able to access all of my client information and keep in touch with my clients through the client portal. If only PracticePanther could babysit my kids while they are at home!  

For firms just starting to launch, Tracy has some advice: “Take the time to set up systems and work flow processes at the outset of your practice so you can focus your time on the practice of law and not the administration of your office.”

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