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5 Time Management Tips for Law School Students

  So, you just got accepted into law school. Congratulations! Who knew doing keg stands at the Beta House kegger would lead to this? Law school will bring new experiences and challenges. Law school is very stressful. Students often feel overwhelmed by the demands and deadlines of law school. There will be new stresses to […]


Meet Julian Gutierrez, our Digital Marketing Expert!

  Julian has a Colombian background, and was raised in Connecticut. In his free time, he loves playing the guitar and writing music. He also really enjoys playing soccer. Something interesting about him is that he loves cooking but hates cleaning afterwards. His favorite feature in PracticePanther is the invoicing capabilities, which you can customize, […]


New Client Testimonial: Treytasha McCloud

Treytasha is a paralegal for ELP global. She works extremely hard everyday making sure that her firm stays neat and organized. According to Treytasha, the best part about PracticePanther is how it eliminates the need to do tedious paperwork. In fact, PracticePanther saves her time, money and headache and works seamlessly without any hassle. See the full video […]

linkedin for lawyers

Linkedin for Lawyers

Linkedin for Lawyers Many people refer to this era of time as the Digital Age, because there is so much technology floating around. It has allowed people to be able to connect with each other in new ways, such as through social media sites. There are many different sites like this out there, but one […]