How to Optimize Your Law Firm Website for SEO

Law Firm Marketing: How to Optimize Your Law Firm Website for SEO

Where do people go to locate legal services and then research those services? They search the Internet, of course. How many lawyers are you competing against? That would be 1,335,962, according to the latest statistics from the American Bar Association. That’s a lot of competition. To be fair, not all of them are in your […]

Law Firm Website Design: The Do’s and Dont's

An Attorney Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating a Law Firm Website

Before you even press your fingers against your keyboard to design your website understand what the end intent may be and the appropriate steps to get there. The goals may be to attract clients. Maybe you want to provide information to current clients or colleagues. You probably want to do both. Whatever you decide, let […]

An Attorney's Guide to Building a Law Firm Website

An Attorney’s Guide to Building a Law Firm Website

Every professional organization should have a polished website, especially a law firm. It engenders credibility from clients and potential clients, provides information about your firm and leaves a positive first impression. In deciding to establish a website for your firm, perhaps the first thing that occurs to you is to contract a website developer. In […]


3 Rules to Follow When Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is an extremely powerful social media tool, and it’s also one of the newest and most effective ways to advertise your services. Law firms are now advertising on advertising to drive traffic to their websites, using interesting blog posts that bring in readers who may eventually become clients. The Facebook advertising system allows a user […]

how the internet can help you start a law firm

How the Internet Can Help You Start a Law Firm

  The Internet is more important for business than ever before. Whether you’re a dog groomer or an immigration lawyer, there are online tools designed to make your job easier – and in the law field, there are multiple tools and services available to keep your clients happy and your business functioning smoothly.   One […]

5 ways to use live streaming to grow your law practice

5 Ways to Use Live Streaming to Grow Your Law Practice

  With the growing popularity of live streaming video applications and platforms like Periscope, Blab, and Facebook Live, consumers (aka potential clients) are turning their attention to these platforms to find answers to their legal issues and to find an attorney to hire. Of course, as a lawyer looking to grow your practice, you should […]

Top 10 Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Top 10 Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tips for Lawyers Marketing is a part of operating a successful law firm. You must have a successful marketing strategy if you expect to compete with other attorneys in your target area. “Selling yourself” does not come naturally for all lawyers; however, marketing does not require that you have an outgoing personality […]