Trends to Improve Your Practice

5 Top Tips for Lawyers to Improve Productivity

Every lawyer can benefit from spending more time with their clients, or even more time at home – but for many, it just seems completely out of the realm of possibility. Working as an attorney, a paralegal or other kind of legal professional is extremely demanding, and finding time can be difficult. It’s for this […]


3 Rules to Follow When Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is an extremely powerful social media tool, and it’s also one of the newest and most effective ways to advertise your services. Law firms are now advertising on advertising to drive traffic to their websites, using interesting blog posts that bring in readers who may eventually become clients. The Facebook advertising system allows a user […]

Avoiding Common Billing Mistakes and Fee Disputes

The Easy Way to Reduce Business Travel Costs for Law Firms

The cost of global business travel is expected to hit an incredible $1.6 trillion by the end of 2020. That’s more than the entire GDP of Australia, as of 2013. This huge sum of money is spent on plane, train and car trips for employees. However, in today’s technological age, travel is becoming less important. […]

Should lawyers use the cloud?

The Cloud is the ultimate efficiency tool. It’s a system that allows users to upload their files and documents to the Internet, and access them on their phone, tablet or computer wherever they are in the world. It’s a scary concept for some people, but for those who know how secure the cloud can be, […]

how the internet can help you start a law firm

How technology can make you a better lawyer

Don’t believe the skeptics – technology really can make you a better lawyer. Technology is more important for lawyers than ever, and avoiding it will only put you at a disadvantage. 89% of lawyers use mobile to check their emails, allowing them to maintain better communication with their clients and colleagues.   Beyond email, 58% […]

Is Your Legal Practice Heading in the Right Direction?

Is Your Legal Practice Heading in the Right Direction?

Running a legal practice is by no means easy, but by learning from experienced winners, you can give yourself a fighting chance. From learning how to manage your clients and billable hours to discovering effective marketing techniques, you too can be successful.   If you’re already running your own practice, it’s important to consider multiple […]

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Minimizing Waste & Maximizing Billing Efficiency in Your Law Firm

Start-ups and established law firms alike need to ensure that they minimize waste if they are to grow and remain profitable. Maximizing billing efficiency in your law firm can also help your company ensure maximum profit, and ensure that clients are happy with the services being provided. Finding that balance between over-billing and under-billing keeps […]

how the internet can help you start a law firm

How the Internet Can Help You Start a Law Firm

  The Internet is more important for business than ever before. Whether you’re a dog groomer or an immigration lawyer, there are online tools designed to make your job easier – and in the law field, there are multiple tools and services available to keep your clients happy and your business functioning smoothly.   One […]


Server vs Cloud: Stop Paying for Updates [Video]

  Did you know most server-based programs charge you for updates while cloud-based programs are completely free? With cloud software, there’s no need to download or install updates, as they’re done automatically for you. Find out more about Cloud vs. Server software in this hilarious comparison video:            

PracticePanther Releases iPhone and Android apps for Lawyers on the go.

Top 5 iPhone apps for Attorneys

Top 5 iPhone apps for Attorneys   Lawyers are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to be more productive, make their clients happier, and improve their bottom line. More importantly, they want to be able to access information on the go and continue working from their smartphone.   In the following article, I […]