Heidi Alexander, Evernote expert, teaches us why Lawyers use it daily, and how you can become more efficient using Evernote.

What you will learn:

  1. How lawyers use Evernote to free up more time.
  2. Essential benefits and features of using Evernote.
  3. Tips and tricks to get the most out of Evernote.
  4. Using Evernote in your law practice


  1. Our minds and offices are cluttered. We need a way to declutter our minds to work more productively.
  2. The software is a memory aid and tool for organizing and storing all your information. Documents, emails, notes, images, audio, etc. are all stored and easily searchable from one place.
  3. You can search text within notes and PDFs and you can edit files.
  4. Evernote’s mobile app allows you to snap a photo of a hardcopy document and upload to the software. You can even create a contact entry by snapping a picture of a business card.
  5. Share and edit notes in real-time. Chat and collaborate via Work Chat.
  6. Organize your notebooks easily and into customizable categories. Set reminders create, checklists, and many more time management tools
  7. Evernote has great security features like text encryption.

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