5 Top Tips for Lawyers to Improve Productivity

Every lawyer can benefit from spending more time with their clients, or even more time at home – but for many, it just seems completely out of the realm of possibility. Working as an attorney, a paralegal or other kind of legal professional is extremely demanding, and finding time can be difficult. It’s for this reason that we have rounded up some of our top tips for saving time and boosting productivity.

Try the Two-Minute Rule

Ever heard of the two-minute rule? It’s really simple. You start by taking the tasks that are the easiest to perform, and getting them over and done with. Sure, it sounds simple, but by focusing on the tasks that won’t take you long to complete (like taking a call or sending an email), you are setting yourself up for a day of productivity.

Each of these duties that you will complete at the beginning of your work day should take no longer than 2 minutes. Once they are complete, you are free to stick to a solid schedule that is distraction-free.

Utilize ‘No Meeting Days’

If you’ve never tried this, it could revolutionize the way you do work. Choose a day during your working week where you don’t have any meetings. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a telephone conference or even a Skype chat – this day should be dedicated to you getting your work done, completing urgent tasks and communicating with clients.

Of course, meetings are often necessary, but it’s important to recognize how easily they can turn into meaningless and unimportant chit chat. This conversation can take up valuable minutes (and let’s face it, sometimes hours) of a working day, and this ‘No Meetings Day’ can seriously improve your weekly productivity.

Alternate Between Different Desks

Studies explained in the Wall Street Journal have suggested that simply by changing your work location, or your desk, it is possible to improve productivity. Even having new people working alongside you can help improve your overall work efficiency, as working in the same place every day can grow tiring and boring for the human brain.

If your office is large enough, try working in one place for two days, working in another part of the office for another two days, and maybe even consider working from home one day a week. You’ll soon find what works best for you.

Take Some Time for Yourself

Though some people may improve their efficiency by being surrounded by new people, it also puts you at risk of distraction. So as well as a ‘No Meetings Day’, consider isolating yourself from other people and distractions for a certain amount of hours every day. Reducing your interaction with other people allows you to focus on the things that are most urgent.

Use PracticePanther

Finally, consider using PracticePanther as your case management software. This will not only keep you more organized, but you will save hours every week on administrative tasks. Wherever you are, PracticePanther makes all of your information available on your phone, tablet and laptop.

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