Topic: The future of legal tech

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• Sam is the founder and Editor in Chief of, where he writes and hosts the Lawyerist Podcast.
• Sam helps lawyers understand the economic, demographic, and technological changes shaping the present and future of small-firm law practice.
• Sam is an active writer, speaker, and lawyer.
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What you will learn:
1. What is
2. Advertising with
3. Behind the scenes look of
4. Document assembly and automation for lawyers
5. Artificial intelligence for law firms
6. Advice for starting your own law firm


Machine learning technologies, human-computer interactions, and AI-enhanced automation tools are shaping the face of the legal world. Document assembly and automation holds the potential to help lawyers serve more clients for less money and grow profits. However, current software is difficult to use and time-consuming. AI software will simplify this process and do most of the work for lawyers. One day, AI software will help lawyers with legal research, writing research memos, and other time-consuming tasks. Lawyers should think how to solve legal problems, not just for individual clients, but for everyone. By creating effortless ways to solve a client’s legal problems, lawyers can provide perfect client services and grow their business.

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