The Cloud is the ultimate efficiency tool. It’s a system that allows users to upload their files and documents to the Internet, and access them on their phone, tablet or computer wherever they are in the world. It’s a scary concept for some people, but for those who know how secure the cloud can be, it’s an essential tool – especially for lawyers.

So the answer, in short, is yes. Lawyers can use the cloud, and lawyers should use the cloud. It allows lawyers to become more efficient, manage cases on the move, and be able to send information to clients on the fly.

Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why the cloud can help your law firm.

It Beats Your Server

The age of the server is over. The Cloud offers free updates, a more reliable service, and convenience wherever you are in the world. Just check out this parody video and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about:

With PracticePanther, not only do you get a super secure cloud service, but you also get free updates for life. The service only gets better and better over time, and you don’t have to pay for costly server updates and replacements.

No More Lost Files

Dealing with hard copies of paperwork, and storing your documents on just one PC, means files can get lost. Whether you leave your briefcase on the train, or your computer breaks, you’re losing important files that may not have any backup.

With the cloud, you won’t be losing your files any time soon. A secure legal cloud service will keep your files under software lock and key, ensuring that you can access them when you need, protecting them from hackers, and ensuring that you always have backup copies if your computer breaks or you lose your phone.

It Suits Your Office

Statistics from the American Bar Association in 2015 show that 54% of lawyers already have a tablet available to use in their firm. The stats also show that more than 50% of lawyers use their tablet to access their calendars, contacts and the Internet – and 17% use their tablets to create documents.

This is how a modern office works, and the Cloud suits it perfectly. Using this modern technology, you can streamline your work experience and access your files on the fly.

It Can Eliminate IT Costs

In an office with a large computer network, servers and a number of tower PCs, the costs of IT can add up. Using an intranet, a dedicate server, and paying for constant updates will mean that you have to pay more for your IT.

Using PracticePanther’s cloud service takes away any need to pay for IT professionals to run your network, too. Cloud services are popular for a reason – it’s affordable, it’s convenient, it improves your firm’s performance and it gives your clients a better experience. So if you’re operating in a law firm that still uses hard copies and a dedicated server, consider a move – it’ll change the way you work forever!

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