With each practice area comes a particular set of needs. The best practice management software both anticipate and address these needs before the absence of a solution is felt by attorneys. When practicing bankruptcy law, legal professionals often interact with clients who are most vulnerable, and every case is critical. In this situation, automation solutions cannot drop the ball on what matters most: making work and life easy for attorneys.

Read on to examine the features and integrations that elevate legal practice management solutions for bankruptcy attorneys.

Efficient Client Intake

Those needing bankruptcy-related legal services are likely facing a dire time in their lives, meaning that an attorney’s efficiency in following up is a defining factor in whether a prospect becomes a client. Because of this, the best bankruptcy software for attorneys is one that will make the client intake process as efficient as possible.

Look for a law practice management platform that offers custom intake forms that can be populated onto your firm’s website. Once a prospective client fills out this form, a new contact should be created in the software, and the relevant attorney should receive a text notification to follow up with the client immediately. By offering this feature, bankruptcy firms can give a lasting first impression on their clients with minimal effort.

Diligent Notifications

A bankruptcy attorney’s schedule is varied, and being on the go is a reality of a legal entrepreneur’s daily professional life. For this reason, the best bankruptcy software for attorneys brings pressing matters to the palm of its users’ hands. Bankruptcy attorneys are advised to invest in software that will send timely reminders for when legal documents are due or other case updates. PracticePanther’s legal calendaring software allows firms to send reminders via SMS text message, the client portal, email, or through automated calendar events.

Optimal Integrations

The best bankruptcy software for attorneys will have the ability to integrate with other platforms. This allows bankruptcy firms to have flexibility as they transition to new law practice management software without risking information in their legacy software.

Outlook on the Best Bankruptcy Software for Attorneys

Though various software are geared toward making the lives of attorneys easier, few possess a set of key features that truly set them apart for addressing the specific needs of bankruptcy attorneys. In order to find the best bankruptcy software for attorneys, legal professionals should consider the features listed above. Doing so guarantees investing in a platform that provides an optimal mix of specificity and comprehensiveness in automation.

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