Your clients want to reach you quickly and with PracticePanther’s new built-in 2-way texting, your law firm can be within an arm’s reach in seconds. Business texting has surpassed email as the preferred form of communication, with consumers replying to texts in 90 seconds, compared to taking 90 minutes to respond to an email. Now, your firm can start communicating more effectively with business texting for lawyers natively built into PracticePanther, at no additional cost, right where you have everything else related to your clients, matters, and documents. 

We don’t speak anymore, we text 

These days, phone lines are inundated with robocalls resulting in people ignoring calls from unknown numbers. A recent poll even suggests that 94% of consumers let unidentified calls go unanswered. Lawyers can easily break through this noise by simply meeting their clients where they are most comfortable — right on their phone screens. We weren’t joking either about being within an arm’s reach of your clients at all times. According to Morgan Stanley, 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile devices within reach 24/7.

When your clients need to quickly communicate with you, or need to send a picture of their driver’s license, they can simply send it to an attorney via text. With PracticePanther’s new built-in business texting feature for lawyers, your firm can keep track of all these correspondences right where you keep everything else related to a case. You can easily text your clients documents, payment links, and more right from PracticePanther all while ensuring everyone at your firm is looped in on all communications.

Keeping privacy in mind 

In a pinch, you may have texted clients before using your personal phone number but this can feel invasive and also unprofessional. With PracticePanther’s built-in texting functionality, you receive a dedicated texting-specific phone number that allows you to message your clients right from within PracticePanther online or through the mobile app. This keeps your personal phone number away from your business and allows you to keep an audit trail of all communications in PracticePanther.

Engage with your clients instantly 

Above all else, your law firm is a business that requires a customer service mindset. Being available to field questions, send documents, and engage with your clients instantaneously where they are most comfortable can set you apart from your competition. It’s a natural form of communication that can be completed regardless of time or place, it’s convenient and unobtrusive for all parties involved.

PracticePanther’s all-in-one legal practice management system just got better with the addition of 2-way texting for lawyers at no additional cost to those enrolled in the Business plan. Save your firm money on additional phones or extra third-party subscriptions and save time playing phone tag with your clients. Get started today by activating text messaging in your account or get a custom demo of PracticePanther to get your law firm started


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