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Hurricane Prep: The Importance of Cloud-Based Legal Software

As hurricane season approaches in Florida, entrepreneurs throughout the state are taking an array of precautions to ensure that their businesses are fully equipped to weather any storms that come their way. Regardless of whether your firm is located in the Sunshine State (a title that can seem ill-fitting at this time of the year) […]

How Enhanced Originating Attorney Reports Can Better Serve Your Firm

Organizing the process by which attorneys log, account for, and then bill for their working time is no easy feat. As is the case in most professional situations, firm owners must straddle the delicate line between thoroughness and excess as they verify each and every billable service. This is why even the simplest originating attorney […]

Legal Marketing: Retargeting Ads for Law Firms

The Internet is an undoubted gateway to the world, enabling interactions and experiences that may never have happened otherwise. The possibilities presented by the Internet can, however, present a somewhat paradoxical problem: the hordes of professionals and business who take advantage of the power of the Internet in disseminating messages can render it an overpopulated […]

Hurricane Prep: The Ultimate Checklist to Keep Your Firm Safe

No law firm, regardless of size, practice area, or longevity, is immune from all of the negative ramifications of inclement weather. Unfortunately, the strength of your history in advocacy has minimal bearing on the likelihood that your firm will emerge from a hurricane or natural disaster unscathed and unaffected in any way. There are an […]

Law Firm Marketing: How to Optimize Your Law Firm Website for SEO

Where do people go to locate legal services and then research those services? They search the Internet, of course. How many lawyers are you competing against? That would be 1,335,962, according to the latest statistics from the American Bar Association. That’s a lot of competition. To be fair, not all of them are in your […]

Law Firm Guide: 19 Steps to Conducting an SEO Checklist and Audit

In this extremely competitive search engine optimization (SEO) world, your website absolutely must stand out in this very crowded field. Your clients and potential clients are looking for you but they won’t find you if you don’t come out on top of a search engine results page (SERP). To stand out, follow this checklist and […]

Finding the Right Legal Practice Management Software

Too often, legal practice management software over-promises and under-delivers, leaving attorneys to pick up the pieces when they drop the ball. Vague, too-good-to-be-true promises often lend themselves to disappointing results when profit takes precedence over clients’ needs. In our ever-growing cyber-world, there is no shortage of options when it comes to practice management software for […]

How to Automate Your Law Firm in Five Easy Steps

It’s a scene right out of dozens of movies: the corner office, the imposing desk framed by floor-to-ceiling windows with an intimidatingly high view of *insert major metropolis here*- all a testament to the power, a non-verbal description of prosperity. The token Hollywood Big Shot Lawyer’s office and firm paint a picture that is difficult […]

An Attorney’s Guide to MailChimp

  Of the countless tools available to a rising law firm seeking to optimize its marketing strategy, MailChimp is arguably among the most valuable. MailChimp, a platform through which marketers are easily able to automate their email outreach, is the ultimate facilitator of the drip campaign. A drip campaign is a long-term (typically over the […]