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Automatically generate dozens of legal document templates in seconds — because you deserve to get on with your day.

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Using Document Templates is Simple

Creating legal document templates in PracticePanther can save your law firm time by automatically applying client data into templates accurately and efficiently. Watch this short video tutorial to learn how your firm can import information you store in PracticePanther automatically into legal document templates with pertinent client or case information, and speed up your internal processes.

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Same old, same old? Not anymore

Create and customize templates for demand letters, wills, fee agreements, and any type of document you need to generate repeatedly — then use it again and again. Eliminate the need to manually fill out and retype client information, and use that time to do productive billable work instead.

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Your brand, up front and center

Our white-label templates let you send professional documents with your logo, not ours. Make an impression and create surprise and delight moments with personalized birthday messages and holiday-themed newsletters.

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In the office or on the fly

Generate documents, retainer agreements, and contracts in 1 click — from wherever you need to be…and if that’s from the beach? Don’t forget the sunscreen.

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Law practice management software made easy

We help you do right by your clients and get you home for dinner on time. Win-win.

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