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PracticePanther dashboard showing files setup

Collaborate in real-time and prepare for plan B

Track document changes and collaborate more efficiently with colleagues and clients. And when you accidentally delete that extremely important life-saving document ⁠— recover the file with one click.

PracticePanther dashboard showing security and password setup

No more “What ifs”

“What if client information is hacked?” “What if my document didn’t save into the system?” “What if my phone is stolen — what then?” Rest assured that we automatically secure and backup data in real-time through 256-bit military-grade encryption and two-step authentication.

Automate the client intake process

Electronic client intake forms allow you to start screening potential clients right away. Once potential clients submit a digital intake form, you can immediately populate their information into your workflows and view their newly created Contact profile stored in PracticePanther. Add a custom payment link in the intake form as well, so you can capture initial payments or save their payment method or future use.

PracticePanther dashboard showing files saved

Don’t be that person — sharing is caring

Share files with clients, opposing counsel, and coworkers instantly wherever, whenever. Your team can access any file they need via PracticePanther’s dashboards or the custom client portal. Just because you’re not at your desk, doesn’t mean you have to hold anyone up.

No more running back to the office for those files

Access legal documents from a plane, train, or automobile. PracticePanther organizes your digital documents into a cloud storage system so if there’s a file you need on the fly, we’ve got you covered.

PracticePanther mobile dashboard showing files saved

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Law practice management software made easy

We help you do right by your clients and get you home for dinner on time. Win-win.

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