Data serves as the foundation for all law firms. From case details and accounting information, to sensitive client addresses and contact info — without a structured and secure place to manage this data, a law firm can’t run effectively. In the past, many firms relied on on-premise software to store their comprehensive data. However, as the legal landscape shifts towards cloud-based law firm software, a new challenge emerges, how to seamlessly transition the entirety of a firm’s data to new software. 

Luckily, law firms can free themselves from the data migration complexities when moving to PracticePanther. Migrations can take as little as two days to complete, data is fully formatted and ready to use regardless of where it came from, and it doesn’t require much work from your firm — all we need is for you to export your data. PracticePanther’s Data Migration team then takes care of the entire transition for law firms, quickly transferring data from one software to another while collaborating closely with you. With PracticePanther, firms can focus on mastering the software’s functionalities and practice law without stressing about data loss. If you’re curious about how this process looks, read on to learn more! 

Experience A Customized Data Migration 

Depending on data volume, type, and the span of engagement with the prior law firm software, our data migration process is uniquely designed for each law firm. The start of the data migration process entails a detailed consultation with our Data Migration team, discussing the expectations for the process along with the specifics of the type of existing or historical data needed for transfer. Once our Data Migration team obtains a holistic understanding of the client’s requirements and needs, the data uploading stage can begin.

With PracticePanther, you can migrate all of your firm’s data, including both existing and historical records like past calendar events. Our Data Migration team handles diverse data formats from any software, and integrates them into PracticePanther using a consistent format. This enables you to effortlessly oversee both past and new documents within a unified format, eliminating any potential confusion. 

Avoid Down Time With Quick Data Migration Process 

While data migration might initially appear to be a time-consuming process, PracticePanther can complete the process in a remarkably short time. Depending on the volume of data being transferred, the data migration process can be completed in as little as two days. 

The last thing we want to do is interrupt your work. To mitigate any data impacts, we establish transparent timelines for the data migration process, allowing you to work seamlessly with both your current software and PracticePanther until the “Black Out Date” is determined. The “Black Out Date” signifies the day when PracticePanther becomes fully functional with all your data successfully migrated. 

Moreover, once the data migration process is completed, a dedicated Customer Success Manager will partner with you to oversee your progress in using PracticePanther. This ongoing collaboration provides you with a way to address any inquiries, concerns, or feedback you might have, guaranteeing a comprehensive and enriching experience with PracticePanther.

Data Migration into PracticePanther Made Simple and Efficient 

As more law firms are using law firm software to handle their daily operations, PracticePanther understands the value and importance of data. Our Data Migration team’s goal is to simplify the data migration process for you, ensuring that you can effortlessly consolidate your data in one centralized location. Our streamlined approach minimizes the effort required on your part, allowing you to quickly embrace the modern practice of law powered by legal technology.
If you’re currently exploring various law firm software options, we invite you to start a free 7-day trial with PracticePanther. This experience will showcase how our platform integrates into your firm’s operations. Alternatively, you can schedule a time with our team to dive deeper into the software and gain insights into our customized data migration process.

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