A well-organized client intake process is crucial for a law firm’s success as it greatly impacts the decision of potential clients on whether to engage with the firm or not. Though it may seem like a simple introductory call, the client intake process comprises various stages, such as: 

  • Attracting clients 
  • Capturing contact information 
  • Pre-screening 
  • Conflict verification 
  • Scheduling a consultation 
  • Collecting case information 
  • Signing a fee agreement 
  • Onboarding

If you’re looking to increase your client intake meetings and make them more effective, you will need to implement a lead capture approach that facilitates seamless interaction with potential clients and efficiently captures their contact information. In this blog, we will dive into the details of how you can do just that with PracticePanther’s OneLink, a feature that allows law firms to generate customized payment links through its built-in online payment processor, PantherPayments.

PracticePanther’s OneLink offers a dual advantage for law firms. Law firms can create unlimited unique hyperlinks to seamlessly capture online payments from clients, enabling a quick and effortless payment collection. Additionally, it serves as an effective tool to capture leads. 

Law firms can easily capture leads and collect consultation fees from prospective clients at the initial point of engagement and speed up the client intake process by placing OneLinks in high-visibility areas such as your law firm’s website or your email signature. Firms using OneLink can get right down to business once a consultation starts — OneLink allows law firms to receive data from the first touch with a prospective client, eliminating the need for extra time to collect this information during intake meetings.

How Can Law Firms Benefit From OneLink For Lead Capturing 

It can be difficult for law firms to track where their leads are coming from if they don’t have the proper solutions in place. Spreadsheets or pen and paper can lead to inaccuracies and a poor first impression from clients. It’s important to know where your potential clients are coming from, so you can serve them more effectively, you wouldn’t want to head into a consultation with the wrong or missing information. With PracticePanther’s OneLink, law firms can accurately track what page leads are converting on, greatly minimizing human-prone mistakes and providing a better client experience from the very start. 

Getting started with OneLink is simple. All you need to do is activate PantherPayments in your PracticePanther account and create a OneLink under “Settings”. To learn more about how to set up a OneLink, follow these steps.

Customized and Personalized Lead Management 

PracticePanther allows you to customize OneLinks by practice area or payment type and assign relevant team members to handle any new contacts for a more structured lead-capturing approach. This is particularly useful if your firm has multiple practice areas or practitioners. Your team will also be notified of new contacts coming in from this generated OneLink and can quickly reach out to prospective clients for a consultation meeting. They’ll already be armed with pertinent information provided by the client, and can begin to provide value right away. 

This added level of information allows leaders to track the performance of certain practice areas and provide the necessary resources to areas that may either be overwhelmed or underperforming.  

Collect Consultation Fees in Advance 

To increase the chances of securing a consultation meeting with your prospective client, OneLink allows you to easily collect consultation fees in advance by setting the “Preset Amount.” For example, if you’re looking to charge $100 for a consultation meeting with new clients, you can add the “Preset Amount” as $100. This step will guarantee you receive the pre-set consultation fees before meeting with a client. 

Enhanced Client Satisfaction  

In an effort to provide clear next steps and set expectations for a timely follow-up with your prospective clients, OneLink allows you to add a personalized message that will show at the top of the payment confirmation page. You can include language like, “Thank you for choosing <Law Firm Name>! Please expect an email from us within 48 hours to set up a consultation appointment with Attorney ABC”. 

Streamline the Process

By utilizing OneLink, your law firm can streamline the client intake process, increase meeting bookings, and collect consultation fees in advance. The OneLink setup process is simple, ensuring that prospective clients face minimal confusion and friction.

PracticePanther Automatically Converts Captured Leads From OneLink Into Contacts 

To optimize lead capture from OneLink, copy and paste your customized OneLink into prominent locations, such as practice-specific practitioner’s email signatures, website, and intake forms, ensuring easy access for clients to request a consultation. 

Any entries that come from OneLink will be automatically synced into PracticePanther as “Contacts,” allowing law firm staff to easily identify leads coming from OneLink. To further streamline the client intake process, attorneys can set up custom workflows to send emails to leads for quick consultation calls. 

Make Intake Easy with PracticePanther’s OneLink 

With many other law firms in the market that your clients can choose from, law firms should consider adopting a modern approach to capture more leads in their pipeline. PracticePanther’s OneLink is the quick solution to do just that. With appropriate law firm marketing efforts, OneLink can help your law firm collect intake information quicker and get started on cases sooner. 

If you’re an existing user and want to learn more about OneLink, activate PantherPayments today and see it for yourself! If you’re not an existing client and want to learn more about what PracticePanther has to offer, start your free trial today. 

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