Legal data analytics offers substantial potential for law firms, it can not only enhance revenue and profitability but also improve client acquisition management and operational efficiency. You can gain a comprehensive analysis of your firm’s performance through robust data sets and customizable reports, ultimately making smarter decisions to scale your firm’s business operations.

Efficiently Pinpoint Resource Allocation and Support Staff Needs 

By analyzing the firm’s data, you can precisely identify areas that are in need of additional support and efficiently allocate resources. You can gain even more detailed insights into your firm’s data by using features like tagging and filtering within PracticePanther. 

For example, if you wish to assess the workload of a particular staff member, you can select the “assigned to” filter to target that specific team member. PracticePanther will then compile a list of the ongoing tasks and any previous activities associated with that staff member. 

Additionally, you can apply custom Tags for each practice area, allowing you to find out which area currently has the highest number of ongoing projects. This enables you to have an understanding of your law firm’s dynamics while proactively offering support to your staff and ensuring none of your staff members is overwhelmed or burnout

Easily Assess Your Firm’s Profitability and Pivot Firm’s Business Strategy 

Analyzing your law firm’s financial performance helps you understand your revenue generation and predict your path to profitability. By using Tags on Clients, Matters, and Activities, you can uncover specific case data insights and analytics. Breaking down data into smaller, digestible segments allows you to effortlessly generate customized reports to gain a holistic view of your financials. 

For instance, if you’re interested in looking at which practice area contributes to the most revenue in your law firm, you can apply a filter for that specific area and assess the accumulated revenue of individual staff members within that practice area over a given time frame. 

Additionally, you can also compare your current revenue to previous time periods to gain clarity into your firm’s growth and progress. This analysis pinpoints areas that may benefit from additional marketing efforts, allowing you to strategically plan your law firm’s marketing efforts.   

Billable hours are one of the primary revenue sources for attorneys. However, even diligent attorneys can miss recording billable hours. To combat this, you can use legal data to uncover lost billable hours in PracticePanther’s MoneyFinder report. Any activity that has not been billed will be marked in Red or “Overdue”, making it simple for you to catch any missed hours and proactively track and scale your firm’s profitability.


Evaluate Data to Reshape Law Firm Marketing Strategy 

In any law firm, adopting a strategic marketing approach helps ensure your law firm is attracting the right potential clients. Understanding which marketing channels work the best and the worst for your law firm can help you create a more targeted approach.

You can assign Tags to each marketing channel and use filters to generate reports to show the origin of each client within PracticePanther. This helps you identify the best-performing marketing channel, allowing you to allocate resources to double down on this successful strategy. Alternatively, PracticePanther legal data can give you a clear picture of which channel isn’t delivering significant results, indicating that it might not be the best avenue to promote your firm. 

Gain a Competitive Edge by Assessing your Internal Firm’s Data in PracticePanther

In a saturated legal industry with many law firms to choose from, maintaining a competitive edge requires the regular analysis of your firm’s operational data to understand which areas need to become more efficient. Leveraging your law firm’s analytics in PracticePanther, through custom reports and custom tags, empowers law firms to extract valuable insights from raw data. These best practices of analyzing insights facilitate proactive staff support, offer a comprehensive view of financial performance, and strengthen the law firm’s marketing strategy, and more.

If you’re interested in digging deeper into your firm’s data and gaining a clearer understanding of your firm’s positioning in the market, connect with our team today.

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