Legal Case Management Software for Bankruptcy Law Attorneys

Legal Case Management Software for Bankruptcy Law Attorneys


If a person is experiencing financial difficulties and is considering bankruptcy or has already filed for bankruptcy then a bankruptcy attorney would be incredibly helpful. The right attorney will be able to help this person decide if declaring bankruptcy would be in their best interest or they might even advise them on different types of relief options. Because bankruptcy is such a sensitive issue, it is vital that the attorney chosen for the case is an expertise in the matter and really understands the case at hand.


4 Things to Consider When Searching for a Worthy Bankruptcy Lawyer:

  • Where do they work? Small Firm vs Big Firm
  • Does your attorney belong to the NACBA?
  • Do you feel comfortable &  confident with your lawyer?
  • Get a list of bankruptcy lawyers from your local bankruptcy court


The more transparent an attorney is the more happier their clients will be. The best way an attorney can uphold this kind of transparency is by implementing a  legal case management software. These types of softwares make it possible for attorneys to become better organized which benefits them and their workload, as well as ensuring their clients happiness. For example, a legal case management software, such as PracticePanther offers a great feature called the “Client Portal”. This feature allows clients to view their invoices, previous payments, and their operating and and trust account balances. This allows both clients and lawyers to receive and process the  necessary information needed from the other, but independently. This way, clients don’t feel like their lawyers are hiding anything because everything is out in the open. The upside for lawyers is that they don’t have to call their clients, everything can be addressed to the client through the legal case management software.


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