To Protect Lawyers from Missed Deadlines, PracticePanther Announces Integration with LawToolBox


Miami, FL— February 21, 2018As part of their continuing obsession with making a legal practice easier to run, PracticePanther is announcing a new integration with LawToolBox. The integration is an effort by PracticePanther to give its customers access to the simplest method of keeping up with important court deadlines to ensure lawyers are never hit by a bar complaint for missing a deadline.

“We believe lawyers need an easier way to get the day-to-day business of running their firm out of the way so they can put more of the focus on their clients,” said David Bitton, co-founder and CEO of PracticePanther. “Our whole purpose is to make your work easier. This integration will assure that you never need to worry about remembering court rules or deadlines. It is one more thing you can automate so you can get back to earning money for your firm.”

One of the most difficult tasks lawyers face once they receive notice from a court regarding a case is figuring out deadlines. Every court has different rules and count days differently; not all count the same holidays, business days, etc. This can create a muddled system of reminders and alerts that can keep lawyers bogged down in the minutia of figuring out when an actual deadline is coming up. This is true even for those individuals or firms who are using a case management software to keep track of deadlines. The confusion caused by this system has made missed deadlines one of the most common reasons lawyers receive bar complaints.  

If a case management software cannot improve efficiency in this area, then it cannot truly help its clients. To this end, PracticePanther software integrated LawToolBox’s enviable repository of court rules, which is updated in real-time, into the software’s calendar. LawToolBox has court rules for many areas of law and for almost every court in the United States. All this information can now be easily automated using PracticePanther, eliminating any need to second-guess court dates or deadlines. PracticePanther’s clients now have a safe-guard from bar complaints and another tool to make their lives easier. Pricing for LawToolBox is as low as only $19/month/person paid annually.

LawToolBox is designed to be easy and automated. The latest version of the rules are automatically given to subscribers, ensuring they always remain compliant. Automation is right in line with PracticePanther’s mission of making a firm’s day-to-day tasks more straightforward. The young company’s software is quickly building a reputation in the field and has scored top marks for its ease-of-use. Ultimately, the integration brings the company a step closer to allowing their clients to run their firm from anywhere in the world.

Prospective customers are encouraged to browse the PracticePanther website ( to learn more about the various features they provide to make the work of running a firm easier. Moreover, sign up for a free trial of the software to experience how simple it is to automate a law firm.



PraticePanther is an easy to use and secure legal case management software for thousands of lawyers and paralegals in over 170 countries worldwide. Attorneys and paralegals have a wide range of features to aid communication, document management, trust accounting, billing, and much more. PracticePanther integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Quickbooks Online, Dropbox, Zapier and a multitude of other online solutions that define a modern attorney’s workspace. 



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