Billing can take a significant portion of a legal professional’s time when done inefficiently. With a limited number of hours in a day, attorneys need a streamlined billing process that doesn’t burden them with excessive time investment. Not to mention the accumulation of non-billable hours spent on each administrative task brings a new challenge to the table. 

Fortunately, with payment solutions like PracticePanther’s built-in online payment processor, PantherPayments, attorneys can turn the once time-consuming and tedious billing process into an accelerated process. Let’s explore how it works. 

Whether it’s a client meeting, court appearance, or diving into research on how to win your client’s case — you start a timer, tracking every valuable minute spent. But turning these tracked hours into invoices and ensuring smooth payment involves many steps. 

Luckily, you might be using legal billing software like PracticePanther to seamlessly transform billable hours into branded invoices in just a few clicks. Although this may already be a streamlined and efficient process, you can further increase the overall efficiency of payments by implementing OneLink.

OneLink generates unique payment links that make the payment process faster for both you and your clients. The steps are simple — create a personalized link with a fixed or open payment amount, send it to your client, and within a few clicks, your client is already entering their payment details. 

Instead of waiting for your clients to send you a paper check in the mail, they can easily submit their online payment with a credit card, ACH, or eCheck. This frictionless interaction ensures a seamless and accelerated process to receiving your payment for your legal services.  

Your clients may have different payment requests, whether it be paying in full or paying in small increments via a payment plan. You can meet their needs by configuring the settings in OneLink. Using OneLink also gives you the flexibility to customize payment terms, such as a fixed amount determined by your firm or a flexible payment amount entered by your clients. 

With 75% of people now preferring to pay via debit or credit cards, you can offer your clients a quick way to pay with an easily accessible link. Additionally, OneLink enhances your billing process by syncing all payment submissions to contacts saved in PracticePanther, so you never lose track of your deposits. 

Collect Upfront Consultation Fees with Ease

Many law firms embed digital intake forms on their website to capture leads. Although placing your intake forms in high visibility areas like your website are a great way to speed up your intake process, adding a OneLink to collect consultation fees in advance will help streamline the billing process even further. 

You can embed a OneLink in your website or email signature to collect consultation fees from prospective clients at the initial point of engagement and speed up the client intake process. This way, you can then get right down to business once a consultation starts. With OneLink, you can accelerate your billing process and guarantee you receive consultation fees before meeting with a client.

PracticePanther’s OneLink is a game-changer for busy attorneys, enhancing the billing process with a uniquely generated payment link. Beyond offering clients enhanced convenience in payments, it empowers attorneys to streamline their billing procedures, even enabling early consultation fee collection. 

OneLink is only one of the few powerful features PantherPayments has to offer. If you’re already an existing PracticePanther customer, activate PantherPayments now to experience the added benefits of OneLink. Alternatively, if you’re new to PracticePanther and would like to explore our features, book a demo with our team today!

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