Legal practice management software has become one of the most powerful solutions to change the way attorneys manage their cases and operations. In today’s competitive legal landscape, cloud-based law firm software has emerged as a game-changer, offering distinct advantages over legacy solutions. 

Explore the key differences between cloud-based software and on-premise solutions, and how PracticePanther empowers legal professionals to enhance efficiency and productivity across the law firm. 

Why Law Firms Are Switching From On-Premise to Cloud-Based Software

Law firms are switching to cloud-based software from on-premise solutions due to several reasons. Unlike on-premise software, which is installed on local servers and limits usage to a specific physical location, cloud-based law firm software operates solely over the internet, enabling access from anywhere. 

On-premise software requires constant on-site maintenance for security, exposing firms to potential cyber threats such as data breaches, comprised credentials, permanent data loss, and more. In contrast, cloud-based solutions offer enhanced security through automated software maintenance, feature updates, and integrations. Additionally, many cloud-based software offers mobile apps to allow attorneys to manage cases at their fingertips, making them even more accessible.

As a result, the traction for cloud-based technology has become increasingly popular among law firms.

Collaborate on Cases Easily from Anywhere 

Time is of the essence for most cases, be it juggling court deadlines, document expirations, or meetings. Cloud-based law firm software is designed to give attorneys the flexibility to access case information securely without being tied to their office. Attorneys can collaborate in real-time with colleagues through secure group chatting, task assignment via conditional workflows, document sharing, and more within PracticePanther.

Manage Billing Without Being Stuck In One Location 

Legal billing complexities can slow down a law firm’s efficiency, and using on-premise software will only further hinder efficiency if you’re away from the office. 

Utilizing cloud-based software opens up convenient access to legal billing regardless of location. Whether using a laptop or PracticePanther’s mobile app, time tracking via the app guarantees accurate and precise legal billing in the future, making sure that no billable time is overlooked during courtroom proceedings or face-to-face client meetings.

To further automate the legal billing process, you can create invoices from built-in invoice templates and bulk-send them to various clients at the appropriate time. With regular software updates, PracticePanther ensures seamless billing and adherence to compliance standards.

Additionally, attorneys can set personalized fee structures, create customizable payment plans for clients, and generate custom-branded invoices within minutes, all via PracticePanther’s cloud connectivity. 

Effortlessly Organize and Manage Documents With Unlimited and Secure Storage 

In every legal case, numerous documents need secure storage and an organized structure. With a cloud-based solution like PracticePanther’s legal document management, you can organize, manage, and track all legal documents within the app. 

Attorneys can store document templates in PracticePanther to quickly generate documents with information specific to each client by using custom fields. Given the dynamic nature of cases, regular updates to documents are often needed. Attorneys can effortlessly generate new documents containing freshly updated information, eliminating the need for manual entry from a computer. Additionally, searching for documents can be a breeze, as all documents will be automatically synced to the associated contact or matter, streamlining and enhancing the organization of documents. 

With PracticePanther’s eSignature functionality, attorneys can quickly obtain signed documents, making the document signing process more seamless and efficient. Simultaneously, attorneys can also share documents through a secured client portal and grant clients the ability to access them in real-time. 

Gain Greater Connectivity With Clients

Client communication is no doubt one of the most important aspects of being an attorney, and PracticePanther simplifies the process compared to an on-premise solution. Whether your client communication involves text messages or emails, PracticePanther seamlessly stores all conversations to the associated contact and matter in the cloud via the secure Client Portal, making it easy to access for future reference.

Attorneys can grant clients access to their case updates, payment history, documents, and more, allowing clients to constantly stay up-to-date and engaged. Through this client portal, all important information becomes easily accessible with just an internet connection. 

Experience the True Difference of Cloud-Based Law Firm Software 

Many modern law firms have embraced cloud-based law firm software to drive success. Experience the convenience, mobility, and efficiency PracticePanther’s cloud-based software has to offer to manage your daily operations effectively. 

If you’re interested in learning more about PracticePanther’s individual cloud-based features, book a demo with our team and we’re happy to walk you through how they work together.

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