Legal calendar reminders designed to make your firm more presentable and organized, all the time

Court, clients, depositions, deadlines… wait, what’s next? When there are many tasks waiting for you, chances are you forget what’s going to happen next. Let us keep you on track at all times with our automated calendar reminders so you won’t miss anything important. 

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Juggling and struggling? Delegate your tasks

Our practice management software is designed to help keep your balls in the air and your practice on the ground. When you have got too much to do, delegate and reassign tasks, and get done what needs to get done. Let us handle the rest for you.

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Be there, on time. All the time.

Building trust with a client is one of the core aspects of practicing law. You can’t build trust with your clients if you don’t show up on time. Show your professionalism and build a stronger attorney-client relationship by syncing your calendar and email in PracticePanther. Don’t miss another important appointment with your client.

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Automated Calendaring Workflow

Got a new client and need a quick consultation? Turn your client intake into a productive client meeting instantly with an automated calendaring workflow built natively in PracticePanther. Don’t leave another potential client hanging in your email inbox by populating your calendars.

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Everything you need to know, in one centralized and secured place

Access everything you need to know with ease. Add rule-sets from LawToolBox with just one click. Schedule all your court deadlines and appearances automatically in a few seconds. It is just that simple.

Keep your team in sync from anywhere

When every detail is considered critical, you need to know every single detail to stay on top of your cases. But who’s got time for that? Our software syncs team calendars, deadlines, and tasks automatically, so you can get the lowdown without chasing down your team. Get instant updates and keep your team in the loop anytime and anywhere you are.

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See why lawyers love PracticePanther

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PracticePanther is the leading legal practice management software. Start a free trial today and discover the power of automation at your firm.

Law practice management software made easy

We help you do right by your clients and get you home for dinner on time. Win-win.

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