PracticePanther Adds Zapier to Offer Unlimited Integration Capabilities

PracticePanther is already one of the leading case management software solutions for attorneys across the US and Europe – but now it’s offering an even more integrated experience. By adding Zapier to its application, PracticePanther now offers the most seamless experience for lawyers and paralegals who are looking to integrate all of their online work into one manageable space.


Zapier, which allows for easy automation between web apps and software, enables PracticePanther to ensure that all the common systems and software used by legal professionals are fully integrated into their online case management software.


Speaking of the new partnership, PracticePanther CEO David Bitton explained:

“Our move towards further integration means that attorneys, paralegals and legal offices now have everything they need in one place. We’ve combined common cloud storage services, payment systems and emails into our online case management software. I’ve seen how essential software integration is in ensuring maximum effectiveness and efficiency for clients, and I’m confident that our latest update provides that.”


The partnership means that current and new PracticePanther users can enjoy seamless integration for their email using Outlook, Gmail and Exchange. Users can access their emails within the case management software, and all files, calendar entries and other data sent by email can be used in the app.


Users can also access Dropbox and Box files on their system, and manage payments and transactions through LawPay and other integrations.


If users prefer Google Calendar, information can be automatically taken from their Google system and instantly updated in PracticePanther. This total integration allows a user to see all of their work commitments, files and communication in one place, whether they’re on their laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Current users of PracticePanther can enjoy all of these new features for free, thanks to constant free upgrades for all subscribers.




PracticePanther is an intuitive legal case management software, giving paralegals and attorneys a wide range of features to aid communication, document management, trust accounting and billing. PracticePanther integrates with Exchange, Outlook, Quickbooks Online, LawPay and a multitude of other online software solutions that define a modern attorney’s workspace. The online system allows attorneys, paralegals and clients to stay up-to-date with case information and news, keep in touch with clients and see real-time developments.

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