It’s no secret that law firms are notorious for their paper usage, with legal pads serving as a staple tool in the industry. But as technology continues to evolve, collecting signatures no longer needs to be a manual and outdated process. It can take an average of five days to obtain a physical signature, which can cause delays and hinder progress on important legal matters.

Fortunately, an increasing number of law firms are recognizing the benefits of electronic signatures, or eSignatures, as a more efficient and eco-friendly way to sign documents. While some firms are still using traditional paper-based signing processes, many clients are demanding more streamlined and convenient options for their legal needs. 

With the trend toward convenient and cost-effective solutions, it’s important for law firms to keep up with their client’s demands. A recent study found that over 63% of Americans believe that companies without eSignature options are outdated and behind times. By implementing eSignatures, law firms can not only meet their client’s needs but also realize significant savings in time and resources. Many organizations have reported saving up to 22,000 hours per year simply by implementing an eSiguature solution. For law firms in particular, the total savings can range from 55% to 78.62% by switching from a paper-based signature process to an eSignature process.

What’s more, eSignatures have also been shown to greatly reduce the potential for human error during the signing process, with an average error reduction rate of 80%. By taking advantage of eSignatures, law firms can not only streamline their processes but also improve accuracy and maximize efficiency in their operations. 

The thought of implementing an eSignature solution may seem daunting, but with the right resources, it can be a simple and straightforward process. PracticePanther, the industry-leading legal practice management software, makes it easy for law firms to seamlessly integrate eSignatures into their operations through its native eSignature feature. With PracticePanther, attorneys can easily request unlimited eSignatures and streamline the document signing process for their clients. By taking advantage of this user-friendly and efficient technology, law firms can improve their workflow and offer a more modern and convenient experience for their clients. Additionally, implementing eSignatures can save time and resources ultimately benefiting the firm’s bottom line. 

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