PracticePanther has recently announced its integration with
Lawmatics, a CRM, marketing, and intake software made specifically for legal professionals. The integration between these two platforms will forge an unprecedentedly strong process by which attorneys can establish, optimize, and maintain their firms’ client relationships. By combining our state of the art practice management features with the automated intake, campaign, and marketing features in Lawmatics, PracticePanther has ensured that our members automate every step of managing their cases before they even begin (and long after they end).

Take Your Practice to a New Level

Though we endeavor to provide our members with an array of resources to help inform and optimize their law firms’ marketing endeavors, PracticePanther’s features specialize in the various steps, tasks, and activities that comprise your work once a lead has become a client. We realized tips and tricks could only go so far, and the ultimate way to best serve our members was to integrate with an intuitive, sophisticated marketing platform that would automate their client relationships beginning with the very first interaction between law firm and prospect. Enter: Lawmatics, a versatile marketing platform designed to convert your leads into clients and to keep these clients, once their cases are closed, within your sphere of contact. To see the mechanics of the integration itself, click right here

Lawmatics and Your Client Intake

Surely, it sounds great. But what features does Lawmatics – and, more specifically, this new intersection between Lawmatics and PracticePanther – offer in order to ensure that attorneys’ lead management? Lawmatics comes equipped with a wide array of advanced marketing and intake features, including customizable intake forms with conditional questions based on an incoming client’s specific needs; a lead pipeline that streamlines all incoming prospects, enabling you to connect with them efficaciously; forms that accept e-signatures on your firm’s fee agreements with clients; and automated document request notifications for clients to ensure that your files are comprised of all of the necessary paperwork before you even begin work on your case. By thoroughly automating your very first interactions with your clients, you’ll establish a baseline of efficiency that serves a double-ended purpose: pleasing your future clients and further streamlining your firm.

Follow Up Like Never Before

PracticePanther offers an array of features to ensure that your performance is optimal from the moment your firm receives a new client onward. Now, at the end of your provision of services to a client, our Lawmatics integration will provide you with an array of follow-up resources to ensure that your firm remains top-of-mind to all former clients. This is done through Lawmatics’ highly efficient, intuitive email campaign features. These allow you to create beautiful emails, featuring an array of images and text, that will automatically be sent out to outgoing clients at regular intervals established by you. These campaigns can range from touch-base emails, sharing positive reviews, or incentivizing anything from positive reviews to new referrals.  This will not only maximizing the likelihood that these people will think of you should the need for legal services arise again, but it will provide you with a direct, automated avenue to maintaining and expanding your client base.


The integration between PracticePanther and Lawmatics, two powerful platforms designed specifically with attorneys in mind, enables legal professionals to automate and optimize every aspect of their client relationships, from the moment they become a lead, throughout the duration of their case, and even beyond the end of their active period as a client. By harnessing the combined features of these platforms through this new, cutting-edge integration, attorneys everywhere will be more poised than ever before to ensure that their firms’ client base is solidified and expansion efforts are exacerbated.

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