Miami, FL – April 17, 2018 – PracticePanther and Tali announced today a direct integration between the two platforms to facilitate time tracking, and thus the management of billable time, for attorneys everywhere.

The direct integration between PracticePanther’s practice management software and Tali’s hands-free time tracking serves to minimize any time wasted by lawyers on the menial task of manually starting and stopping their timers as they work. Tali, self-proclaimed “best friends” with major voice assistants like Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant, harnesses vocal triggers to start and stop timers, which are then applied to their relevant contacts and matters within PracticePanther.

PracticePanther and Tali are united by a mutual objective: to maximize lawyers’ time and, consequently, their productivity. Both platforms incorporate ease of use into their efforts, making the tasks of time and practice management as intuitive as possible for their clients. For these reasons, an integration between the two platforms is both thoroughly seamless and considerably effective. CEO Matt Volm says, “Through our Practice Panther integration, Tali completely eliminates the chore of manual time entry – in fact, users have eliminated 10-12 hours of manual, administrative time every month by having Tali as their billing assistant that creates their time entries for them!”

An overarching goal is not the only similarity between the two companies; both share a thorough enthusiasm for automation, with daily operations that are characterized by this unmistakable energy. This sentiment is echoed by David Bitton, the CEO of PracticePanther, in his statement: “Our commitment to automation is fueled by the palpable enthusiasm and commitment present in every member of the PracticePanther family. From the interactions we’ve had with the Tali team, it’s been clear that the same philosophy is echoed within their company”

Both platforms are also committed to making developments based on users’ feedback. “We found a lot of prospects would inquire about Tali and ask if we had a PracticePanther integration, so it was something our users wanted,” says Tali CEO Matt Volm. In the same vein, PracticePanther consistently rolls out new features and developments based on what is most commonly requested by their users.

With highly efficient and intuitive platforms, common overall objectives, and compatible company cultures that characterize the implementation of their goals, PracticePanther and Tali are thrilled to announce their integration and the wonders it’ll do for the efficiency and profitability of firms all over the world.

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