The PracticePanther team wants to extend our warmest wishes to the legal community who work tirelessly to positively impact the lives of others. We can’t thank you enough for making us a small part of your firm’s success. 

As we entered year two of our new normal, the sudden tech scramble of remote-first work had morphed into something entirely different. We witnessed firms embracing new technologies not because they had to anymore, but because they wanted to find ways to innovate and expand their businesses. The feedback, questions, and ideas we received from our customers were brimming with a genuine sense of curiosity as the true impact of legal tech was felt this past year — and the possibilities of an even better future became clear.        

Looking towards that future, we’re ecstatic that we get the opportunity to continue to impact the way lawyers can better serve their clients in 2022. We have some great features to release in the new year, but first, let’s take a look back at what made 2021 so special for us. 

An all-in-one solution that never stops growing  

In 2021 we set out to tackle some major challenges that hampered law firm efficiency in our newfound remote world. Giving legal teams a tool that could “do it all” in one platform was our guiding star.

Get paid faster with OnelInk

Introduction of OneLink brought seamless client payments 

On the heels of our big PantherPayments release at the end of 2020, we kicked off 2021 with a payments experience enhancement. PantherPayments’ OneLink feature allows law firms to place a customizable link on their website, in an email signature, in a PDF, or even in a text message that lets clients instantly pay their bills with a few clicks of a button. OneLink also automatically creates new contacts for first-time users — enabling firms to efficiently onboard new clients in conjunction with receiving payment. The payments experience for clients via OneLink feels as normal as checking out at an online retailer, and as such, helps firms collect payments faster than traditional billing methods while also increasing their collection rate. 

eSignature is easy with PracticePanther

Firms using built-in eSignature saved time and money

With customers collecting more payments, quicker than ever before, it was time to focus on another major headache that loomed over law firms working remotely — nobody owns a fax machine at home! Collecting a signature securely from a client while not being able to meet in person was slow, to say the least. With PracticePanther’s native eSignature now released to the public, users could create and send documents for electronic signature directly from PracticePanther — and they did so tens of thousands of times!

lawyers can text clients

Native two-way texting makes law firms more accessible 

Another major PracticePanther update this year gave lawyers and clients the ability to interact the way we all do these days, by sending emojis.😉 While smiley faces are indeed included, native two-way texting is a game-changer for attorney and client communication. The native texting feature tracks and stores all messages and files allowing firms to keep accurate records, and it yet again makes clients feel more comfortable and natural when engaging with their legal representatives. Texting is quick and efficient, and in just two months, firms using PracticePanther saved nearly 37,000 hours of time by texting rather than emailing.

Here’s to another year 

With the recent investment from Francisco Partners, 2022 is primed to be a year full of growth for not only us, but for the firms we serve every day. New features, more collaboration, and constant movement towards pushing the possible in legal tech is just on the horizon. We’re committed to bringing you along with us, so happy new year and cheers to 2022.

All the best, 

The PracticePanther Team 

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